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Temple commissioned by emperor
In middle of modern city Rome
*Corenthium Order
** Central Plan (circle)
back part is the dome, drum
* concrete used, decorations cover it cant tell
marble inside, very luxurious
Top of dome painted Blue and spaces have gold stars like sky.(represents heavens)
Hole actually in top
Dedicated to all gods not one
*Could be entered by anyone
Who is Hadrian?
Emperor and patron of Rome/Archetect
Dome or Drum?
Covering for space thats based on the principle of the arch
Distribution of weight shows strong thick walls around bottom inorder to help hold weight or dome
Central Plan
All main elements radiate outward at equal distance from a central point.
recesses in part of dome where stars were painted

The coffers take weight out of the dome cause there recessed not solid!
The hole in the top of the dome
means "eye of the heavens"
Main light source for interior