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What did Emperor Augustus do during his reign?
He rebuilt the city of Rome and became a great patron of the arts.
Who was Tiberius and what did he do?
He was Augustus's adopted son who spoiled his able leadership by accusing innocent people of treason against him.
Who was Caligula and what did he do?
He was Tiberius's grandnephew who became mentally disturbed and was killed by a palace guard.
Who was Claudius and what did he do?
Caligula's uncle who was a renowned scholar, but as he grew older had difficulty focusing on affairs of the state.
Who was Nero and what did he do?
He was Claudius's stepson who was cruel. He killed his wife and his mother.
Name the Five Good Emperors.
Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius.
What did Nerva do?
He was the first Good Emperor.
What did Trajan do?
He increased the empire to its greatest size.
What did Hadrian do?
He strengthened Rome's frontier.
What did Antoninus Pius do?
He maintained the empire's prosperity.
What did Marcus Aurelius do?
He brought the empire to the height of its prosperity.
What is the pontifex maximus?
The chief priest of Rome.
What was the jus gentium?
The law that dealt with noncitizens.
What is the jus civile?
The citizen law.
What did the Romans generally stress in their laws?
The authority of the state over the individual.
What was the Pax Romana?
The period of prosperity known as the Roman Peace.
What was the Pantheon and who was it built by>
It was a temple built for all the gods by Hadrian.
What was the road built by the Romans?
Appian Way
What were aqueducts?
Artificial channels for carrying water.
Who was Galen?
The Greek physician who formed the basis of Roman medical science.
Who was Ptomely?
The Egyptian astronomer who who formed the foundation of Roman astronomy.
What does lingua franca mean?
Common language.
What was the Aneid?
The epic poem written by Virgil.
Who was Livy?
A writer who wrote a monumental history of Rome.
What is a sect?
A group.
What did Augustus turn the kindon Judah into?
What is a messiah?
A delivier chosen by God.
Who was Jesus?
A jew who preached Christianity.
What are disciples?
What did Jesus urge people to do?
Turn away from their sins and practice deeds of kindness.
Who was Paul?
A convert who aided Christianity's spread.
What were apostles?
Christian missionaries.
Who was Peter?
The leader of the apostles/
What were martyrs?
People who chose to die rather that give up their beliefs.
What happened to Constantine?
When he was leading his army into battle, a flaming cross was across the sky. He had his soldiers ingrave crosses on their shields, and they won the battle.
What did Theodosius do?
Made Christianity the official Roman Empire and banned all of the old religions.
WHo was Augustine?
He is considered to have written one of the world's first great autobiographies.
What is a hierarchy?
When each level of power is more powerful than the one below it.
What is a bishop?
The overseer of a diocese.
What were patriarchs?
The bishops of the five leading cities.
What is a pope?
The head of all the churches.
What brought the Pax Romana to an end?
When Marcus Aurelius died.
What did two problems occured when the Pax Romana ended?
Political instability and economic decline.
What is inflation?
A rise in prices corresponding to a decrease in the value of money.
What two emperors struggled to halt the empire's decline?
Diocletian and Constantine.
What did Diocletian do?
Raised the number of legions in the army and spent his time overseeing defenses.
What did Constantine do?
Made it legal for landowners to chain their workers to keep them on the farm.
What did Constantine rename Byzantium as?
Who were the Huns?
Fierce nomadic invaders from central Asia.
Why did the Romans refer to the Germanic invaders as barbarians?
Because of the babbling sounds they made.
What were the groups of Germanic invaders?
Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Angles, and Saxons.
Who was the chief leader of the Huns?