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What is Homo Habilis?
Man having abilities
A homo has abilities to be gay..??
What is the assembly of the tribes?
Law making body for the plebians.
A body needs to be assembled for p..??
What are the 12 tablets?
Written Roman Law
you wright on tablets...12 of them..??
What is a democracy?
Rule by the people.
People are crazy (cracy)...??
What are Tribunes?
They represented the Plebians in the Senate.
They tribute by representing...??
What are petritions?
The are the upper class!!!
Your pet is on the top of the list!!!
What are consuls???
They served the executive function!!!
Your soul serves..??
What are Atruskins???
They shared religious concepts
you trust them enough to share..??
What are plebians???
Common people.
They are human beings..??
What are Hellots???
Spartans Slaves..
Slaves live like hell.
The legal system.
Dracula had a legal system
What is Rhetoric mean?
The art of speaking.
rick speaks..??
The way.
the ism is on the way..??
Social order??
Knowing your role based on ethics..
Socialaly you know your role
What is inflation???
A rise in prices responding to a decrease in the value of money.
What is a aqueduct???
Artificial channels for carrying water.
A duck swims in water..??
Jus civile???
Citizen Law.
Just be civil with the law citizens..??
Jus Gentium???
Applied to non-citizens and foreigners...
Gentle men are just not here.
Complete power.
A dick has complete power.
What is mendicants?
Religious baggers
Men that bag on people..??
What are Friars???
Wandering preachers.
When you get fired you wander and preach...
Series of trials to determine if someone has commited heresey.
A question to see if you did it..??
Kick somebody out of the church.
You used to be in the church..??
Denial of basic church teaching.
You deny that you like hershey candy bars...
What does In Seaculo mean???
Of the World.
Think french..??
What are Sacraments???
The christian ritual.
You sacrifice and it becomes your ritual..???
System of agriculture production.
A man does the real production..??
To be brave in battle.
Chip be brave..???
Very decentralized political system based on loyalty built on reciporical relationship.
Few have loyalty and friendship
What does Delendo es Carthago mean???
Carthage must be desolved.
Pay rome for the cost of the war.
You will be damned if you to pay.!!??
Basic unit.
Where Tyler went to a differnt region.
Grand Jury???
They decide if a crime has been commited.
When your Grand you get to decide if it's true.
Sun god
The son weighs a ton.
Oracle Bones?
Write a question on a bone
Oracle??? hello!!! DUH...???
Universe was created out of Pan Gu's body.
You make PANcakes with your body.
Mandate of Heaven
The authority to rule comes from the gods.
The man from heaven choses the rules.
Trade on service for another.
The bar tender serves you one after another..???
Bean shaped lump of gold and silver seal of the king..
The current money..???
Departure from Egypt.
Your ex home is dust...??
Who was Nebuchadnezzar???
Chaldeans greatest king, extended boundries of Chaldeans Empire.
His name is very extended..???
Who is Zoraster???
A prophet, struggle between good and evil.
Who was Cyrus???
Persian King
Cyrus is a perty king...???
Who is Darrius???
The best organizer among persian Kings.
Dar is my organisar..???
Greek colony in Asia minor, trade.
AsIONians are Greek!!!
Cats have nobility...???
Military Formation
What Tyler had to get into in the mornings..??
Rule by few.
Only few
Rule by one man.
Tyra rules..???
Free non-slave foreigners who lived in Athens.
Slaves get ticks..??
Who was Solon???
Leader of Athens, inproved economic conditions, cancled land debts, freed debtors from slavery. He promoted trade and industry.
What was Ostracism????
Each year, citizens could write the name of an undesirable politician on a piece of baked clay.
They will ostracise you.
A very narrow mt. pass.
topple when you pass...???
Civic Religion
Practicing the religion was your duty as a citizen.
Be civil and practice it...???
Why were Atruskins important?
Because they taugt how to build with brick and lay out streets.
From whom did the roman religion borrow religious concepts?
From greece.
What people were in the 1st Triumvirate?
1. Julius Ceaser
2. Pompey
3. Carces
What people were in the 2nd Triumvirate?
1. Octavian
2. Marc Anthony
3. Marcus Lipidus
Pax Romona??
Roman peace
Circus Maximus???
The circus is entertaining!!!
Who was Galen???
A medical Doctor.
The LENs doctor...???
What occured during the fall of Rome???
1. Political Instability
2. Economic Disruption
3. Germanic Invasions
People Eat Grass
Internet Dogs Invisable
What is Reciprocity???
The Golden Rule
Our city is golden..??
Trial by Jury???
King can't tax without Great council approval.
In the 100 yrs war what were the NEW weapons???
The longbow and the 1st firearm.
100 longarms..???
As a christian it's okay to study his work.
In school you study and it's okay.
Money Economy???
Economic System based on currency.
Craft Guild???
Controlled by masters
Your craft is controlled.
They earn the right to own their own shop.
Journey man???
Get a new job with new master, when he approves you become a master.
A journey to someone new...???
Document from the King granting a city self-rule.
The king gives a chart...???
When you get in trouble it's entertaining
Vernacular language???
Everday language.
LARn this everyday language!!!
Justification by faith???
By faith alone is a person saved.
Justified to be saved...???
To buy forgivness of sin
You indulge someone to buy forgiveness of sin???...
What were the beliefs of Martin Luther???
1. Salvation by faith alone
2. Religious truth only in the public
What is Theocracy????
People rule the church!!!
The church is crazy...???
The fate of every person has already been determined by God.
PRE- Already
DESTINATION- Where your going, what your fate will be
What is an Antibaptist???
Adult baptism only, would not serve in the military, will not swear an oath...etc...
School to train new Priest.
The seminary is were the priest goes.
Very dramatic
When your broke everything is dramatic in your life...???
Ingatives loyola???
Teachers and missionaries
Teachers and missionaries are loyal...???
What was filippo Brunellechi famous for?
The 1st Dome Cathedral at Florena
They'll flip when they see this dome..chi..chi...??
What did they do to try to make their painting more realistic???
They used light and perspective and study of human anatomy to be more realistic.
Broc is secular....???
Who painted the last supper, and the Monelisa???
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leo made da last supper for Monelisa???
Michelagelo did what???
The sistine Chapel
Michel's sister...???
What did Johannes Guttensburg invent???
The first printing press.
With his hands-hannes- he printed...???
What was the concept of Humanism???
1. Should seek fulfillement in daily life.
2. Each person seeks to be Ideal.
3. Each individual has worth and dignity.
4. Man can know and understand his world.
Machiavelli did what???
Wrote, The Prince, which was about the 1st work of political science.
Machîavellî- think French with Le petit prince!!!!
Shakespeare did what???
Wrote sonnets about daily life and feelings.
A sonnet is what???
poem of 14 lines
What was the purpose of the craft guild??
To regulate artisans, prices and wages.
Both John Wycliffe and Jan Hus believed what???
People should be able to read the Bible in their native language.
The crusades were fought to free the Holy land from control of who?
The Turks.
During that Great Schism what took place???
There were two popes!!!