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The Greeks made some of the world's most beautiful structures. They also revoluzionized the use of marble. Also, they developed three new types of architecture. What were they?
The Greeks also were the first to use columns.
The Greeks studied and wrote the earth's surface. They also Identified the equator and that the world was a sphere. The Greeks also used latitued and longitude, and the maps helped tradors. What modern application to our world did the Greeks make?
Maps were first made by the Greeks.
The Greeks had the first med. schools. They were the first to analyze disieses, too. What huge acomplishment did the Greeks first do that doctors still do today?
The Hippocratic oath was first used in Greece. Doctors make the oath and promise confidentiality, knowledge, loyalty to patients, and responsobility. Doctors today still take this oath.
The Greeks were the first people to map out the position of stars. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn were all discovered by the Greeks. They discovered that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system. What modern astronomy event is possible because of the Greeks?
Space travel is possible because of the Greeks.
The Greeks studied animal bones and classified living things into groups. They first proposed evolution and they believed that all living things came from water, including humans. What modern application to zooology did the Ancient Greeks firs do?
The Greeks first used the classification system.
The Greeks believed all the secrets of the universe could be cracked by numbers. Euclid, a Greek, was very influencial on geometry. What nickname were the Greeks given for geometry?
They were the "Fathers of Geometry"
The Greeks discovered matter adn the four elements of matter. They classified things into solids, liquids, and gas. They found out that elements make up everything. What modern day application in physics did the Greeks make?
The Greeks made discoveries about atoms and splitting atoms, which is used in atomic bombs.