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Festival of Dionysus
it was 3 days long and each day there were 3 plays at the end of each day they voted for the best, winner got a crown of ivy
half human and half bull, protected by Minos
brother of Zeus god of the sea very important to the Greeks since they were sea faring people
philosopher, belived that moving atoms composed all matter
study of debate,public speaking, and oratory
Heinrich Schliemann
unearthed ruins in ASia Minor (Troy), found ruins in Mycenae too
leaders who could fufill the wishesand promises of nobles
greates writer of comedies, diliked wars
Aeschylus/Sophocles/ Euripides
1- religios beliefs concerning relationships between gods and people, 2- defended tratditional value
3 realist
another daughter of Zeus goddess of love and beauty
had a famous therom
the square of a hypotenuse of a triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides
you became one at the age of 19, there was a public ceremony, if you were rich you became a soilder if you werent you and worked in the fleet
people who did not speak greek
Aegean Sea
at the extreme north east end of the Mediterranean, seperates the Balkan Peninsula from Asia minor
Peloponnesian War
was between Athens and Sparta, had cultural rivelry, Athens was progressive, commercial , culturaly advanced\Sparta was more into framing , and were reserved,
A plauge broke out
Athen's lost
history's greates thinkers and teaches
trained sulpto, then became a teacher, wanted peopel to think for themselves and to use logic
( ie: Athens, Sparta) a fort , refuge, a villiage and city around it
games to show gods strength and courage which pleased them
held every four years, in honor of Zeus, only men could participate
women's roles
married at 13 to a man twice her age, most died in child birth, most females were aban doned , they had few legal rights and stayed home a lot
Golden Age of Greece
The period refering to the peak of cultural activity
a hill of mountain where the fort stands in a city state
found of medicine
thought that disease came from natrual causes
the cures were resh air and proper diet
Disunity among Greeks
Geography- mountains seperate everyone,
proudness and ability to be independent
love their city states
study of fundamental questions of reality and human exsistance
Athenian Farming
honored occupation, cound not hold officed or vote if you farmed, farmed olives, grapes, and figs
100years after Phidias , built large dignified works, had greek admiration for the human body
404 BC
Peak of cultural activity in Athens
know thyself
Socrates motto, teach love, frendship, duty,patriotism, honor and justice
Hippocratic Oath
A pledge to follow the code of medical ethics based on his teachings
painting on wet plaster
Discovered by Arthur Evans, palace of Minos (King of Crete)
God of light Music, and poetry, manly beauty
lover of wisdom
traveler, story teller, " Father of Histoy"
golden mean
nothing exvess and everything in proportion
main character struggles agains a fate
long poems describing heros and great events
Scientific thinking
process of organization,
gacts in a system comparing 1 fact with another fact
Athenian Vase
caluable items, made by artisans
a public meeting place, marketplace
woman who all greeks belived they came from, called themselves Hellenes, their country name was Hellas
stood at the top of the Acropolis in honor of Athena finest example of architecture in Greece
Apollo at Delphi
most famouos oracle, found in mountain ranges North of the Gulf of Corinth
daughter of Zeus goddes of wisdom, womanly virtue, technical skill- protector of city states like Athens
Mt. Olympus
the remote heaven where the Gods lived, the peak is found in Nothern Greece
play containing action or dialouge and usally involve conflict and emotion
god of fertility and wine
Illiad and Odyssey
Illiad : describes events in the 10th year of the Trojan War
Odyssey: relates to the many adventures of the mycenaean hero Odysseus
his sister and wife, protected women and marriage
God of the sky, king of the gods, father of some humans
Homeric Age
The time when the Illiad and Odyssey were written by Homer
Greek Art
most we kno from literary descriptions, and roman copies
many vases , and murals
conducted schools for the boys
male student
attende elementary school, grammer, music, gymnastics
who boys went to whyen they wer 6 , he was a male slce , and taught the boy manners and such
seviceable and beutiful
Greeks wanted everything from their art to their furninture to be seviceable and beutiful
Death of Socrates
was put on trial and sentenced to death
died by hemlock
great sculptor, the Discus thrower
mocked people and ideas
goats and sheep
principal domestic animal , goat milk for cheese, sheep made wool and they ate them
a big " bowl" events are held in
no military class, sea traders, had 3 social classes
Dorians moved South and captured it as their capital, had social groups, A Assemble ( council of Elders) who over saw all, goal was to make all men soilders , their education was harsh , had no very little culture or arts
written by plato, a long dialoughe describing the ideal concept of government
wild olive branches
the winner recieved this but were also showered with other gits when they got back to their homes
Many greeks were taders to improve quality of life and improve fortune, had many good harbors, and all mainland touches the sea
group of singers,dancers, who describe the scenes
popular government
people could rule and should rule themselves rather than be ruled by others
great sculptor, 2 statues of Athena and Zeus in the Temple of Zeus
died from the plague during the war
special sancuaries, where people beliced the God/desses spoke through a priest, usually answeres a question about the future
Greek Religion
explination for such mysteries of the physical world such as thunder,lightning, seasons
-why people have passsion and loose self control
-way to gain such bebefits as long life, good fortune, and abundant harvest
a young wealthy aristocrat
great student taught philosphy and wrote dialogues
1200 BC
The Illiad and Odyssey decribe the Mycenaeans in this year
males palyed women and used masks to indicate character and emotions they portrayed