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Who was Lucy?
40% of bones were found, 3.2 million years old
What is an australopithecus?
southern Ape
What is cuneiform?
a way of writing
What is a scribe?
a professional writer
What was the Nile believed to be?
a god
What did the Pharoahs do?
responsible for everything...sun rise, floods etc
What are 4 of the Eightfold paths?
1. right speech
2. action
3. knowledge
4. purpose
5. living
6. effort
7. mindfulness
8. meditation
Who was Siddhartha Gautama?
thought he could escape the cycle of death and rebirth in one life time
Where was Phillip 2 king of?
What were Pericles 3 main goals?
1. strenghten Athenian Democracy
2. Build a comercial empire
3. Glorify Athens