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Difine History
the story of people, how they came into exsistence, and why
List three examples of the type of "records" ancient peoples left behind
Chisled into stone, baked on clay tablets, written on partchment
List two functions of history
Reflects present experiences, reveals the life and culture of the past
Define Culture
It means "care for" in Laten. Traditions passed down
Explain how people try to control their eviornment and provide an example for each
1 Changing adapting to it- irragatinga desert area. 2 Use materials to physical enviornment to develop culture use avalible materials
What is the basic unit of organization in any culture
Define Civilization
When a culture expands from villages and cummunities into more complete social and political cities
List characteristics of civilization
Large, Religion, Language, an writting
Define Archaeology
The scientific study of the remains of relics, artifacts, lost cities to learn aboutthe way people lived
Define Athropology
The study of physical character, enviornment, social relations, culture of the people
Which science is older and what is a necessary part of both
Archaeology tells us about the past
Define Finds/Findings and a tell
Find- discoveries made archaeological sites. Tell- Flat topped hill/ mound covered in debri covered ruins of ancient cities
Where will you find the oldest objects or relics in a tell
On the bottom layer of the tell
Define excavation
Undercover ruins of ancient cities
Described two major methods archaeologists use to excavate. Which method is best and why
1. Remove one layer of remains at a time so they can
study the complete civilization before getting to the next level.
2. Trench cut damages previous layers. Number one is the best.