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What was lucy?
She was the oldest and most complete erect skeleton ever found
What did Archaeologists study?
the material remains of prehistoric and historic people
What was the Sumerians' way of writing?
How did the Phoenicians become wealthy from snails?
their purple dye
What type of writing did mose Ancient Egyptians use?
Why were doctors in ancient eygpt so famous?
they contained magical charms and chants. They knew how to check heart rates, could fix up broken bones, wounds, and fevers.
What was moksha?
"all wise Hindus seek to reach a state of perfect understanding
How long was the Great Wall? and what did it run through?
it was 1,400 miles long and ran half way through tibet.
what were the 2 most powerful city-states?
Sparta and Athens
How old was Alexander the Great when he became king?
26 years old