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Years of the Dark Ages
What was lost when the Germanic tribes took over
Some aspects of Greco/Roman culture
What were the new ideas that the Germanic tribes brought with them
Trial by ordeal which was very different from Roman law
Western Civlization was the blend of what three ideas
Greco/Roman culture, Germanic ideas, and Christianity
What made life unsafe during the Dark Ages
The almost constant warfare between competing Germanic tribes
What three things caused the collapse of cities
1) Trade collapsed 2) People moved to the countryside to survive 3) People lost contact from each other
What happened to the Latin language as a result of the cities collapsing
Latin as a common lanaguage disappeared
As a result of lack in communication between people, words were added and dialects, what did this form
The Romance languages
What took the place of the former Roman empire
Small kingdoms
What was all changing about these small kingdoms
Their boundaries because they were constantly fighting
Who did the loyalties change to and why
Loyalties were to the tribal leaders and family because stress was on personal ties since it was hard to maintain order in a larger area
What was the one unifying force throughout the Dark Ages
The Catholic Church
What did the missionaries
They were sent to convert the Germanic tribes
Who was a famous missionary and who did he convert
St. Patrick and he converted the Irish
What would happen that would cause a lot of people to convert at once for right/wrong reasons
A king like Clovis would convert and then convince his followers