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Who was Mark Antony
Supported Caesar and remained in Rome as his successor
Who was Octavian
Adopted grand-nephew of Caesar, and appointed in Caesar's will to be his successor
Who was the second triumvirate made of
Octavian, Mark Antony, and Lepidus
What did 2nd triumvirate do first
Kill all of Caesar's enemies which included 2,000 rich businessmen and 100 senators including Cicero
Where did the 2nd triumvirate defeat Brutus and Cicero
Battle of Philipi
How did the 3rd triumvirate divide the empire
Octavian to the west; Mark Antony to the east (including Egypt); and Cicero Africa
What happened to Octavian during this time
He became well-liked by the Romans
What happened to Mark Antony during this time
He met Cleopatra and they fell in love
What did Mark Antony do as a result of meeting Cleopatra
He divorced his wife who was Octavian's sister and willed Cleopatra and her children part of the Roman Empire
How does the 2nd triumvirate fall apart
Octavian declared war on Africa which included and was intended for Cleopatra and Mark Antony
What happens during this 3rd civil war
Octavian defeats Cleopatra and Mark Antony at the battle of Actia
What happens to Cleopatra and Mark Antony after they are defeated
They commit suicide
When does Octavian become sole ruler of Rome
At the age of 29 in 29 B.C.
What followed during and after Octavian's rule
Pax Romana
What is Pax Romana
It was 200 years of peace for Rome
In what way was Octavian smarter than Caesar
He slowly accepted his power...i.e. 1) Didn't accept the tital king 2) He was called "first citizen" and reluctantly accepted the title Augustus
What was the rule of Rome for the rest of Rome's existence
One-man rule