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When was Julius Caesar born
100 B.C.
What kind of family was Julius Caesar born into
A patrician family that was not very rich but had good political connections
Who was Julius Caesar related and why was this bad
He was related to Julia Caesar, the wife of Marius, so when Sulla came to Rome he fled to Asia Minor to do military duty
What did Caesar do when he returned
He allied himself to Pompey
What did Caesar and Pompey use to signify their alliance
The marriage of Pompey to Caesar's daughter, Julia
What three signifigant things were Pompey known for
1) Helping Marius suppress Spratacus's slave revolt 2) Ridding the Mediterranean of pirates 3) Won some major battles in the Middle East
What did Caesar have to borrow money for
To run for and hold public offices
How did Caesar repay his debts
Became governor of Spain and used the booty he collected
What happened when Caesar returns to Rome from Spain
He held more public offices and became an idol of the Roman citizens
Who is the first triumvirate made of
Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
What happens in 59 B.C. to this triumvirate
They are all three named consul
What was Caesar appointed governor over
What did he do in Gaul
Fought many military battles and proved himself a military leader
Why did Caesar's soldiers love him
He shared their hardships and the loot they earned
Why did Caesar write his accounts of the battles in
Commentaries on the Gallic Wars
Why was writing the commentaries strategic
It kept the Romans talking about him
What did the wars in Gaul give Caesar
Man power (loyal soldiers), prestige, and money
What happens as Caesar gains popularity and prestige among the majority of Roman citizens
Mostly senators and Pompey start to worry and get jealous
What did Pompey convince the senate to do
Call Caesar back to give an account of his years in Gaul
Why does this call home put Caesar between a rock and a hard place
Caesar knew if he returned without his army then he would probably be killed, but if he went with his army it would cause civil war
What does Caesar do
He crosses the Rubicon River and marches his army into Rome
What is the name of the river Caesar crosses
Sure enough what happens when Caesar gets to Rome
Civil war breaks out with Pompey on the side of the conservative senators
What happens to Pompey
He flees Rome and goes to Pharsalus
What happens at Pharsalus Greece
Caesar defeats Pompey and Pompey flees to Egypt
What happens to Pompey in Egypt
Pompey is murdered by agents of the pharaoh
What happens when Caesar returns to Rome
He becomes the sole leader of Rome
What does Caesar do to supporters of Pompey
Gives them amnesty
What happens when Caesar returns to Egypt
Returns to Egypt and has an affair with Cleopatra along with one child
What happens when Caesar returns to Rome
He is made dictator for life
What is it called when Caesar is made dictator for life
What happens to the conservative members of the senate
They become worried about Caesar getting too much power
Who murdered Caesar
Brutus was the main conspirator along with some other conservative senate members
When is Caesar assassinated
March 15, 44 B.C.
Were the conspirators supported by the majority of Rome
What did the senate members have to do
Flee Rome
What changes does Caesar make when he becomes sole ruler
Granted Roman citizenship to provinces outside of Rome; Expanded the senate to 900 members; made the senate more representative of all Rome; landowners had to substitute 1/3 of slaves for free men; founded colonies which provided land for the poor; and created the new calendar which we still use