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What were the Punic Wars fought over
Control of the western Mediterranean and its trade
What was Carthage
A wealthy trading city on the North African Coast
When was the First Punic War
265-241 B.C.
What were the strengths of Carthage
Had a large navy, rich enough to buy mercenaries, and very wealthy
In the beginning of the war, what did Rome have
A huge army made of experienced and loyal soldiers
What did Rome gain in the middle of the First Punic War
A Carthaginian warship washed ashore and the Romans copied it and therefore made their navy
What did the Romans add to the Carthagnian ship
They added a gangplank with a hook underneath that they called the Raven, this plank would be dropped onto the other ship and the Romans would rush over onto the Carthaginian ship
What did the Raven create
It turned a sea battle into a land battle
What did Carthage lose as a result of losing the war
When was the Second Punic War
218-201 B.C.
How did Hannibal surprise the Romans and catch them off guard at the beginning of the war
He marched his troops (with elephants) over the Alps in northern Italy
Who won three major battles
Hannibal from Carthage
What was the first major battle Hannibal won
The battle by the lake on the foggy day when Hannibal made it look like his army was camped by the lake, but really they were waiting on the mountains until they had the advantage
What was the second major battle Hannibal won
He put the strongest people on the wings and the weaker people in the middle, this was reversed, so the Romans started attacking the center and the Carthaginians surrounded them
What was Rome's strategy
To cut off the food supply of the Carthaginians and therefore weaken the army
What were the Romans able to keep Hannibal from doing
Attacking the city of Rome itself
How long did Hannibal roam on the Italian Peninsula
17 years
What did Hannibal do during these 17 years
Destroyed farms and crops
What was Rome's last effort plan
To attack Carthage in North Africa
Who were the Romans led by when they went to attack Carthage
In what battle did Scipio defeat Hannibal
Battle of Zama
When Rome won, what did the Carthaginians have left
Nothing but their possessions in North Africa
When was the Third Punic War
149-146 B.C.
Who was Kato
He was a part of the senate and he encouraged Rome that Carthage needed to be done away with once and for all
How did Rome win the Third Punic War
They besieged the city for three years and were able to destroy the whole city
What happened to Carthage after the Third Punic War
It was the end of Carthage
What happened to Rome after the Third Punic War
They were the master of the Mediterranean