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Put the following dynasties in cronologicial order: Han, Chou, Ch'in, Shang
Shang, Chou, Ch'in, Shang
Explain the Dynastic Cycle
~Strong dynasty establishes peace and prosperity; has the mandrate of heaven
~Dynasty declines and becomes corrupt; taxes are raised and power decreases
~Dasasters such as floods, famine, revolt, and invasions occur
~Old Dynasty is said to have lost Mandate of Heaven; rebellion justified
~Dynasty is overthrown throught rebellion and bloodshed; new dynasty emerges
~New Dynasty gains power, restores peace and order, and claims to have Mandate of Heaven
What were the most famous crafts during the Shang times?
Bronzework and silk-making.
Name one way Huang-ti stamped out opposition.
He burned "unessasary or harmful" books. He brought the nobles to live under his eye at the capital.
Under which dunasty was the Great Wall of China built and who was the current ruler?
It was built during the Ch'in dynasty while Huang-ti was the ruler.