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Where did William put the land that he got from the throne?
he kept 1/5 for himself and gave the rest to Norman nobles.
How did William of Normandy become King of England?
He had a battle against Harold in the Battle of Hastings and won.
What contributed to a period of prosperity in Europe in the Middle Ages?
The great invasions of the Vikings, Magrars, and Muslims.
What three things did Henry II do to change the legal system?
1. he introduced a jury of 12 neighbors, who new something about case and were questioned about it
2. common law = collection of judges decisions
3. Royal judges who traveled throughout England heard and judged cases and collected taxes.
Why were lives prosperous?
because kings kept peace.
what isthedate of the Battle of Hastings and what happened during the battle.
October 14, 1066. Someone shot an arrow and it hit King Harold in the eye and he died.
What changes did Henry II make in the system of law in England?
He sent royal judges to visit every part of England at least once a year. These judges collected taxes, settled lawsuits, and punished crimes. Henry also introduced the use of the jury in English courts.
What was a jury in those days and what did it do?
A jury in medieval England was a group of loyal people who answered a royal judge's questions about the facts of a case
Why are these changes in law important to us?
He strengthened the royal courts of justice, a jury
What allowed the Capetian kings to gain power in France?
After the breakup of Charlemagne's empire, French counts and dukes ruled their lands as if they were independent. It was divided into 30 feudal territories. The Capet family started a new dynasty of new kings.
Why did Germany fail to develop a united country?
Germannoles claimed the right ot  elect the next king.
Who was Otto the Great, about when did he live, and what did he do?
Strongest medeival ruler of germany, king in 936, dominated church, invaded much of europe, ended threat of Magyar.
WHat did Otto the Great call his empire?
Roman empire of the German Nation, Holy Roman Empire
Who was Frederick Barbarossa, when did he live, and what did he do?
1152-1190, ideal medeival king, Germany, willful soldier,
What were the three factors that kept Germany from uniting like England and France?
System of electing was weakened .
German nobles had fewer lands
German kings kept trying to revive Charlmagne's power