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What is Taoism (Daoism)?
Taoism is the belief that life needs to be a balance and harmony of reality.
Who was the Qin emperor who ruled with harshness?
Shi Huangdi
How did Shi Haungdi help unify China?
By standardizing weights, measures, money, and language.
What was the civil war period in China's history that came at the end of the Zhou dynasty?
The Warring States Period.
What inventions are credited to the Chinese?
Wheelbarrows, seismograph, kite, umbrella, and later in their history gunpowder.
What are oracle bones?
These were turtle shells and animal bones that the emperor's scribes/priest would write questions and concerns on. They were thrown into the fire and then cooled. The small cracks would be 'read' and an answer to the questions would be told the emperor.
In the Chinese creation story, in what does the world begin?
An egg
What was the Mandate of Heaven?
It was the authority that the Zhou claimed they had from the god,Tien, (Heaven)to rule China.
What is filial piety?
It is the honor and respect that children should show their parents.
Explain feudalism in ancient China.
The emperor would give land to the nobles in return for loyalty and military service. These nobles would in turn give small plots of land to the peasants (farmers) who in return gave loyalty, military service and taxes.