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In its early history how did prehistoric china's geography affect its people?
Ancient china geography affected its people because it made the chinese isolated and they could not trade but it also provided a natural barrier
Define the hundred schools of thought ?
Hundred schools period are the three major philosophies confucianism daoism and legalism
Define Maoism?
Maoism is a philosophy that is based on on the the belief that peace can be achieved with universal love and treating people equality
Define Daoism ?
Daoism is the philosophy based on gaining happiness by living in peace and harmony with nature
Define Legalism ?
Legalism is a philosophy that is based on harsh punishments and rewards for good behavior Hanfezi the founder believed that people were born selfish
Define Confucianism ?
Confucianism is a philosophy that is based on peace and prosperity it is also based on having and showing respect to your elders do not just treat your family with respect treat everyone with it
Define Feudalism ?
Feudalism a system of government based on land owners and tenants peasants worked for nobles and nobles served kings
Define standardization ?
Standardization is to make equal or the same money
Define Dialects ?
Dialects are different forms of the same language
List all of the things that Qin Shihuangdi stadardized during his reign?
Qin Shihuangdi standarized money writing weight and measurement
How did Qin Shihuangdi and his advisor strengthen control over china
Qin Shihuangdi had full control over the civilization by having absolute power by governing with legalism he would give extremely harsh punishment burring people alive if they do not obey and follow their unfair laws to have absolute power he did not give noble enough power he also burned other books that were other philosophies
Who was Ban Zhao ?
She was a very wise women and wrote books about women hood
What is the main characteristic of the Shang Dynasty?
Consisted of the social classes based on your status first were the highest of all the social classes the king's clan. After king's were the nobles then artisans traders farmers and slaves made plow out of bronze used shells as currency they used oracle bones made of a cow shoulder blade this was used to talk and communicate with ancestors
What is the main Characteristics of the Zhou Dynasty?
Introduced the three philosophies, and their system of government was feudalism
What is the main characteristics of the Qin Dynasty?
Had a bureaucracy, made the Great Wall of China, the 8,000 clay soldiers, known for fantastic craftsmanship
What is the main characteristics of the Han Dynasty?
Discovered that they were not the only civilization on earth they discovered rome they began to trade with them and they created a trade route that took 7 years to cross the silk rode they traded silk soon attacks began to happen so they sent military help to guard the caravans
Know the difference in the religious practices of the Shang and Zhou dynasty ?
The Shang worshiped their ancestors and the Zhou dynasty believed in the mandate of Heaven divine right to rule china
Why was the 20th century discovery of the Shi Huangdi's tomb so extraordinary ?
The tomb was underground and there were 8,000 clay soldiers
Why did Shi Huangdi rule using legalism ?
He ruled using legalism because he wanted absolute power and control gain power bureaucracy
How did confucianism affect the government of china ?
Confucianism affected the government of china because civil servants had to take exams so then they know chinese classics
How did china's borders change during the Han dynasty? why did it change?
It brought western influence and good ideas religions and scientific technology innovations
How did the silk road change history ?
It helped trade with romans
Give a description of the Taklimakin Desert and the Gobi
The taklimakin desert is dangerous desert in the world it is to dry to have vegatation and the Gobi desert has stone and hard pebbles
Give a description of the Northeastern plain ?
Northeastern plain has natural vegatation and prarie grass it provided food for horses
Give a description of the North china plain ?
North china plain was a good place for crops flat grassland and flooding
Give a description of the Chong jiang basin ?
Chong jiang basin is a warm and wet very fertile
Give a description of the Tibet Qinghai plateau ?
Tibet Qinghai plateau is a very cold rocky and to dry to grow crops