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Hall of Bulls, Lascaux France
Paleolithic 15,000 BC
Venus of Willendorf
Paleolithic 30,000 BC
Neolithic 2000 BC
Statues from Au Temple, Tell Asmar
Sumerian 2700 BC
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
Akkadian 2250 BC
Stele of Hammurabi
Babylonian 1750 BC
Ashurbanipal Huntingy Lions
Assyrian 640 BC
Palette of Narmer
Early Dynastic 3000 BC
Stepped Pyramid of Djoser
Old Kingdom 2600 BC
Great Pyramid of Khafre
Old Kingdom 2500 BC
Khafre Seated
Old Kindgom 2500 BC
Ti Watching Hippo Hunt
Old Kingdom 2400 BC
Head of Senusret III
Middle Kingdom 2400 BC
Temple of Amen Re (Karnak)
New Kingdom 1250 BC
Fowling Scene, Tomb of Nebamun
New Kingdom 1400 BC
Akhenaton, Nefertiti and Three Daughters
Amarna 1350 BC
Chest of Tutankhamen
New Kingdom 1320 BC
Palace of Knossos, Crete
Minoan 1500 BC
Toreador Fresco
Minoan 1500 BC
Snake Goddess
Minoan 1500 BC
Lion Gate
Mycenaean 1250 BC
Dagger Blade
Mycenaean 1450 BC
Octapus Vase
Minoan 1350 BC