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Pectoralis Major
O - clavicle, middle 1/3 of sternum
I - Humerous
N - Lat/Med pec nerves
A - adducts and medially rotates the humerus. It also draws the scapula anteriorly and inferiorly.
Pectoralis Minor
O: R3-5
I: corocoid of scapula
N: Medial pec nerve
A: stablizes scapula, depresses scapula
Erector spinae
N: Dorsal rami of spinal nerves
A: posture
Ructus abdominus
O: pubic symphasis
I: Costal cartilage of ribs 5-7, xiphoid process
N: thoraco-abdominal nerves (T7 to T12)
A: flexion of torso
External obliques
O: Lower 8 ribs
I: aponeurosis/aponeurosis of ant ab wall
N: Intercostals 7-11, subcostal (12)
A: rotates torso
Serratus anterior
O: upper 8 ribs
I: medial margin of scapula
N: Thoracodorsal, lateral dorsal
A: protracts, stablizes scapula
Internal obliques
O: iliac crest, inguinal lig, thoracodorsal fascia
I: linea alba, xiphoid, bottom ribs
N: 7-11 ventral rami
A: rotates body
Transverse abdominus
O: (aponeurosis of back?) iliac crest, lower 6 ribs
I: linea alba, pubic tubercle via conjoin tendon
External, internal, VAN, innermost intercostals
N: ventral rami of intercostal
A: respiration
O: occipital protuberance, nuchal line and lig, C7-T12
I: lat 1/3 of clavicle, scapular spine, acromion
N: Cranial nerve XI
A: retracts scapula
Latissimus dorsi
O: T6-T12, thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest and inferior 3 or 4 ribs
I: humerous, medial/anterior aspect
N: thoracodorsal
A: adducts, medially rotates arm
Rhomboid major/minor
O: T1-5
I: medial border of scapula
N: (Dorsal scapular)
A: retracts scapula
Levator scapulae
O: Transverse of C1-4
I: superior/medial border of scapula
N: (C3-5)
A: elevates scapula
Serratus posterior sup/inf
N: Intercostals
A: Respiration
Splenius capitis/cervicis
O: Nuchal lig, spinous of C7-T6
I: Mastoid process
A: rotates head
Transversus Thoracis
O: lower 3 ribs, xiphoid, sternum
I: R2-6
N: intercostal
A: depresses ribs