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Linings of fascia around the heart
Pericardium (2):
Fibrous and
Serous (2):
Visceral (epicardium) - on the heart itself
the 3 layers of the heart wall
Tunica intima: endothelial layer termed endocardium
Tunica media: cardiac muscle -> myocardium
Tunica adventitia: outer connective tissue layer. Epicardium (visceral pericardium)
Internal features of rt atrium (6)
-openings of sup/inf vena cava
-fossa ovalis
-crista terminales
-pectinate muscles
-coronary sinus opening, tricuspid valve
Internal features of rt ventricle (4)
chordae tendinae, papillary muscle, trabeculae carneae, pulmonary valve
Internal features of lt atrium (2)
-openings of 4 pulmonary veins
-left AV valve (mitral, bicuspid)
Internal features of lt ventricle
Same as rt (chordae tendinae, papillary muscles, trabeculae carneae) but with aortic valve
Path of rt coronary artery
aorta into anterior atrioventricular (coronary) sulcus
Lt coronary artery
aorta btw lt atrium and pulmonary trunk, then splits into
anterior interventricular artery: to apex
circumflex artery: to posterior of heart
_________ drain directly into the _________. All other coronary veins drain into the _________ which is located _________ drains into the ___________
a) Anterior cardiac veins
b) rt atrium
c) coronary sinus
d) in posterior AV sulcus
e) rt atrium
3 major coronary veins
great, middle, small cardiac veins
Sympathetic effect on heart, and origin
speeds up heart rate. From sympathetic trunk ganglia of neck
Parasympathetic effect on heart, and origin
slows heart rate; from Vagus nerve CNX