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where is the axillary?
arm pit
what is the brachial region?
the arm
what is the cubital region?
the elbow joint
what is the antebrachial?
the forearm
what is the pectoral?
the chest
what is the pateller?
the kneecap
what is the cervical?
the neck
what is the umbilical
the naval
what is the popliteal?
the hollow behind knee
what is the inguinal?
the groin
what region is the pubic?
what is the otic?
the ear
what is the buccal?
the cheek
what is the mental?
what region is the femoral?
the thigh
what is an autopsy?
an examination of organs from a dead body to determine a cause of death
what is a biospy?
the process of removing tissue samples from patients surgically or with a needle for diagnostic purposes
what is a carcinoma?
a malignant neoplasm derived from epithelial tissue
what is a sarcoma?
a malignant neoplasm derived from connective tissue