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what forms the submental triangle?
anterior belly of digastric muscle on each side, hyoid bone as its base, mylohyoid muscle as its floor
what does the submental triangle contain?
only small veins and lymph nodes
what forms the submandibular triangle?
anterior belly of digastric muscle, laterally by body of mandible, posteriorly by posterior belly of digastric muscle and stylohyoid muscle
what does the submandibular triangle contain?
submandibular salivary glands, submandibular lymph nodes, hypoglossal nerve (CN XII), nerve to the mylohyoid muscle, parts of the facial artery and vein
what does the mylohyoid nerve innervate?
mylohyoid muscle and anterior belly of digastric muscle
where does the mylohyoid nerve come from?
mandibular branch (V3) of the Trigeminal Nerve
what cranial nerve is the Trigeminal Nerve?
origin of stylohyoid muscle?
styloid process of skull
origin of posterior belly of digastric muscle
mastoid process of skull
which is posterior: mastoid or styloid process?
mastoid process
which is posterior: stylohyoid muscle or posterior belly of digastric muscle?
posterior belly of digastric muscle
location of hypoglossal nerve
swoops down in a curve around occipital artery, disappears deep to mylohyoid muscle on its way to tongue, should see C1 nerve to thyrohyoid coming off it
location of lingual artery
branches from external carotid, disappears deep to hypoglossus muscle of tongue