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what does the acronym Free Care Needed for adipose stand for?
Fat, Cytoplasm, Nucleus
what does the acronym One Hardy Volkswagon Made Cars Once for bone tissue stand for?
Osteon, Haversian canal, Volkmann's canal, Matrix, Canaliculi, osteocyte
what does the acronym Roger Will Pay Pesos stand for with Blood?
Red blood cells, White blood cells, Plasma, Platelets
what does the acronym Nervous Pussy Cat Needs A Dog Nailed for nervous tissue stand for?
Neuron,Perikaryon, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, Axon, Dendrite, Neuroglial cells
what does the acronym Small needles inject for Cardiac muscle stand for?
Striations, Nucleus, Intercalaated discs
what does the acronym She Brought Living Sheep for Toungue stand for?
Stratified Squamous epithelium, Basement membrane, Lamina Propria, Skeletal muscle
What does the acronym Larry Vandalized Sarah Goldberg Looting Sounded So Good for Small intesting stand for?
Lumen, Villi, Simple columnar epithelium, Goblet cells, Basement membrane, Lamina Propria, Submucosa, Smooth muscle, Serosa
what does the acronym Laura Should Bring Stilletos for Kidney stand for?
Lumen off tubules, Simple couboidal epithelium, Basement membrane, Serosa
what does the acronym People Can Bring Live Horses for Trachea stand for?
Pseudostratified epithelium with goblet cells, Cilia, Basement membrane, Lamina Propria, Hyaline cartilage
what does the acronym Short Brides Like Small Souvenirs for Urinary Bladder stand for?
Stratified transitional epithelium, Basement membrane, Lamina Propria, Smooth Muscle, Serosa
what does the acronym Everyone Doesnt Have Social Security Commerce for Thin skin and human scalp stand for?
Epidermis, Dermis, Hair follicles, sudoriferous glands, sebaceous glands, collagenous fibers
what does the acronym Even Canadian Ladies Give Superb Backrubs Believe for thick skin stand for?
Epidermis, ***then Stratum +____ all the way through***, Corneum, Lucidem, Granulosum, Spinosum, Basale, Basement membrane
what does the acronym Innocent People Make Angels Today for the cell cycle (mitosis) stand for?
Interphse Prophase Metophase Anaphase, Telophase