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Levator ani
levator = raises; ani = anus
O - extensive linear origin inside pelvis from pubis to ischial spine.
I - inner surface of coccyx, levator ani of opposite side, and (in part) into the structures that penetrate it.
S4 and inferior rectal nerve(branch of pudendal nerve)
Sphincter erthrae
sphin = squeeze
O - ischiopubic rami
I - midline raphe.
S4 and S5
ischi = hip; caverna = hollow chamber.
O - ischial tuberosities
I - crus of corpus cavernosa of male penis or female clitoris.
Pudendal Nerve.
bulbon = bulb;
spongio = sponge
O - central tendon of perineum and midline raphe of male penis.
I = anteriorly into corpus cavernosa of penis or clitoris.
Pudendal Nerve.
Superficial transverse perineus.
superficial = closer to surface.
O - ischial tuberosity.
I - central tendon of perineum.
Pudendal Nerve.