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boundaries of the perineum (pelvic outlet), anterior
pubic symphysis
boundaries of the perineum (pelvic outlet), anterolateral
ischiopubic rami
boundaries of the perineum (pelvic outlet), lateral
ischial tuberosities
boundaries of the perineum (pelvic outlet), posterolateral
sacrotuberous ligaments
boundaries of the perineum (pelvic outlet), posterior
horizontal line/plane between ischial tuberosities forms
two triangles, anal & urogenital
anal triangle has ____ layers
three layers of anal triangle are
skin, fat, & fascia of pelvic diaphragm
layers of UG triangle are _______ than those of anal triangle
more complex
UG triangle has ____ layers
eight layers of UG triangle
skin & fat (in same plane as Camper's), membranous layer of superficial fascia (Colles' fascia), contents of superficial space, perineal membrane, contents of deep space, superior fascia of UGD, anterior recess, inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
superficial perineal space in men includes
ischiocavernosus, bulbospongiosus, superficial transverse perineus mm, and crura & bulb of penis
ischiocavernosus, function
compresses venous outflow to maintain erection
bulbospongiosus, function
empties urethra & compresses deep dorsal vein & erectile tissue
superficial transverse perineus, function
stabilizes other muscles
penis contains paired
corpus cavernosum
corpi cavernosum are continuous with
penis contains unpaired
corpus spongiosum
corpus spongiosum contains
urethra, which is continuous with bulb & glans
tunica albuginea is
connective tissue capsule around penis
deep aa to penis lie
within corpora cavernosa to supply erectile tissue
dorsal aa course on
dorsum of penis
veins of penis
superficial dorsal v and deep dorsal v
superficial dorsal v of penis drains to
superficial external pudendal v
superficial external pudendal v is tributary of
great saphenous v
deep dorsal v of penis drains to
prostatic plexus
glans of penis drains to ______ lymph nodes
DEEP inguinal lymph nodes
common site of injury to penis is in
superficial space
injury to superficial space causes
urine to collect in penis, scrotum & up into abdominal wall
injury to superficial space does not cause spread of urine to
anal triangle or thigh, due to fascial attachments
fascia that allow for the spread of urine in superficial space injuries
Colles' fascia, dartos fascia, Scarpa's fascia
superficial space in women contains
Bartholin's gland, crus of clitoris, & vestibular bulb
perineal body is the central point of the
muscles attached to perineal body in women
bulbospongiosus, superficial transverse perineus, deep transverse perineus, external anal sphincter, & pubovaginalis
fascia attached to perineal body in women
Colles' fascia, perineal membrane, superior fascia of UGD, inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm, & fascia around muscles (Gallaudet)
fascia around perineal muscles in women
Gallaudet fascia
ischioanal fossa is
a fat-filled space
ischioanal fossa, medial boundary
anal canal & levator ani
ischioanal fossa, lateral boundary
fascia overlying obturator internus; pudendal canal lies within fascia of obturator internus
pudendal canal lies within
fascia of obturator internus
ischioanal fossa, superior (apex)
levator ani joins fascia of obturator internus
ischioanal fossa, inferior (base)
ischioanal fossa, posterior
ischioanal fossa, anterior
extends into UG triangle as recess
pudendal n. arises from sacral plexus at
pudendal n. exits pelvis by
greater sciatic foramen
pudendal n. enters perineum by
lesser sciatic foramen
pudendal n. courses in
pudendal canal within fascia of obturator internus
pudendal n., branches
inferior rectal n., perineal n., dorsal n. of penis or clitoris
pudendal n. innervates all muscles of
some nn in perineum are not affected by
pudendal n block
ilioinguinal n. supplies
anterior labia & skin around root of clitoris
posterior femoral cutaneous n. innervates
posterior portion of labia
ilioinguinal n. arises from
posterior femoral cutaneous n. arises from
terminal branch, pudendal n. associated with
internal pudendal a.
terminal branch, perineal n. associated with
deep a. of penis/clitoris