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What structures are in the Central Nervous System (CNS)?
The Brain and Spinal Cord
What does the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) consist of?
All nerves outside the CNS, which include spinal nerves(carry impluses to and from Spinal Cord) and carnal nerves (carry impluse to and from BRAIN)
What are the 2 functional classifications of the PNS?
1. Sersory (afferent division)
2. Motor (efferent division)
What does the Sensory Division of the PNS do?
Carries impluses TO the CNS from skin, skeletal muscles and joints.
What does the Motor divison of the PNS do?
Carries impluses FROM the CNS to the organs, muscles and glands.
What does the somatic nervous system do?
allows VOLUNTARY control of skeletal muscles.
What does the autonomic nervous system do?
regulates the involuntary events of the body. ie: breathing, cardiac functions, etc.