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Quadrangular space
teres major teres minor triceps deltoid/humerus

holds axillary nerve and posterior circumflex artery of axillary artery
comes off C5 root
dorsal scapular, innervates rhomboids and levator scapulae
suprascapular nn
comes off upper trunk goes through scapular notch under the superior transverse cervical ligament

innervates suprospinatus and infraspinatus and glenohumoral joint
suclavian nn
comes off upper trunk

innervates subclavius and sternoclavicular joint (phrenic root innervates diaphragm)

C5 and 6
lateral pectoral nn
comes off the lateral cord

innervates pec major, pierces costocoracoid membrane


arteries that branch around the scapula
subscapular (circumflex)
suprascapular - over transverse ligament
dorsal scapular - sometimes comes off the transcervical artery
upper subscapular nn
from posterior cord

innervates subscapularis

thoracodorsal nn
from posterior cord

innervates latissimus

Lower subscapular nerve
from posterior cord

innervates the subscapular and teres major

medial pectoral nn
comes from medial cord

innervates/ pierces pec minor and major, actually runs lateral to the lateral pectoral nn C8 T1
medial brachial cutaneous nn
comes off medial cord

innervates the medial side of arm to olecranon of ulna

C8 T1
medial antebrachial cutaneous nn
comes form medial cord

innervates skin of forearm to wrist (medial side)

runs with ulnar then pierces deep fascia w/basilic vein

C8 T1
from lateral cord

innervates anterior compartment of arm


runs with cephalic vein

muscles of anterior arm (coracobrachialis brachii and brachialis) / skin of lateral forearm (lateral cutaneous nn of forearm)
comes from lateral and medial cord (lateral root of median nerve and medial root of median nn)

innervates mm of anterior forearm (except flexor carpi ulnaris and the ulnar half of flexor digitorum profundus)
mm in thenar half of palm and palmar skin

C5 T1
comes from medial cord

innervates most intrinsic muscles of hand and skin of hand medial to axial line of digit 4