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where does the common carotid artery bifurcate?
at the level of the superior horn of the thyroid cartilage
location of thyrohyoid membrane
between thyroid and hyoid bone, deep to thyrohyoid muscle
superior laryngeal nerve comes from
vagus nerve (CN X)
superior laryngeal nerve splits into
internal and external branches as it emerges from behind the carotid bifurcation
internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve does this
sensory innervation of larynx
recurrent (inferior) laryngeal nerve does this
motor innervation to the muscles of the larynx (vocal cords, etc)
where does superior laryngeal artery come from?
superior thyroid artery
what enters larynx through hole in thyrohyoid membrane?
superior laryngeal artery and internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve
location of cricoid cartilage
inferior to thyroid cartilage
where is cricothyroid ligament located?
inferior to thyroid cartilage, between thyroid and cricoid cartilages
how can one access the airway in extreme cases of airway obstruction?
if Heimlich fails, can insert a needle through cricothyroid ligament to access airway
what is a cricothyrotomy?
when a needle is inserted through the cricothyroid ligament
what are autoimmune diseases of the thyroid?
Graves and Hashimotos
who suffers most from autoimmune diseases, in general, and of the thyroid?
other autoimmune disease
lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS)