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What is the pelvic girdle made of and where do they join (anteriorly and posteriorly)?
made up of two ossa coxae
anteriorly join-symphysis pubis
posteriorly join-sacrum
The joint where the lower limb attaches to the axial skeleton is called the ______?
sacroiliac joint
Name seven different important markings on the anterior view of the pelvic girdle (SPA PIIS)
1.sacroiliac joint
2.pelvic brim
3.anterior superior iliac spine
4.pubic tubercle
5.iliac crest
6.ischial spine
7.symphysis pubis
Name 4 markings visible on the anterior view of the sacrum (C BVS)
2.body of sacral vertebra
3.ventral sacral foramen
4.articular surface
what are 4 markings visible on the posterior view of the sacrum (PASS)
1.Posterior sacral foramina
2.Auricular surface
3.Sacral canal
4.spinous tubercles
What three bones fuse to make the ox coxae?
How does the greater sciatic notch become a foramen?
it is close by the sarcospinous ligament which extends from the sacrum to the ischial spine
Is the ischial spine superior or inferior to the ischial tuberosity?
How many bones form the acetabulum?
3, same bones that form the os coxae
Is the ischial spine superior or inferior to the anterior inferior iliac spine (aiis)
When you feel on your hip bone what are you most likely feeling?
the iliac crest
what is the only bone of the thigh?
the femur
what is the largest bone in the body
the femur
what does the femur articulate with both proximally and distally
distal=tibia and patella
Describe the 4 markings found on the anterior view of the proximal femur
1.Head with Fovea capitis
3.Greater trochanter
4.lesser trochanter
Describe the 6 markings found on the anterior view of the distal femur
1.medial epicondyle
2.medial condyle
3.lateral epicondyle
4.lateral condyle
5. adductor tubercle
6.patellar surface
Describe the 6 markings found on the posterior view of the proximal femur
3.greater trochanter
4.lesser trochanter
5.intertrochanteric crest
6.gluteal tuberosity
What marking is on the posterior femur shaft?
the linea aspera
Describe the markings on the distal posterior femur
1.popliteal surface
2.medial condyle
3.lateral condyle
4.intercondylar fossa
What does the medial condyle of the femur articulate with?
the tibia of the leg
The patella is a sesamoid bone that formed in the tendon of which quadricep muscle?
quadriceps femoris
What are the two bones of the leg and which is medial?
Of the lower leg, which is the weight bearing bone?
what is the primary function of the fibula?
muscle attachment
Describe anterior markings of tibia (proximal and distal)
proximal=lateral and medial condyles, tibial tuberosity, anterior border of the tibia (shin)
distal-medial malleolus
Name the anterior markings of the fibula (proximal and distal)
proximal-head of fibula
distal-lateral malleolus
Name the posterior marking of the tibia shaft. Is it distal or proximal
the soleal line, proximal end
Name the 7 tarsal bones
2.calcanues-heel bone
5-7.cuneiforms 1,2 &3
How many phalanges are there
How many phalanges make up the big toe? the rest of the digits?
big toe=2
digits 2-5=3
what is an injury in which a ligament is stretched or some of the collagen fibers are torn
a sprain
which side of the body are sprains more common on? why?
lateral b/c more ligaments on medial side help prevent eversion