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What is in the Abdominal Cavity?
The stomach,spleen and liver
What is in the Pelvic Cavity?
The bladder, the reproductive organs and rectum
Information about the organs in the Ventral body cavity
The organs are covered in 2 thin doulbe-layered membrane(a serous membrane) called Parietal serosa and Visceral Serosa
What is Parietal Serosa
The outer membrane that line the wall of the organs in the Ventral body Cavity
What is Visceral Serosa
The membrane that covers the surface of the organs in the Ventral body cavity.
What is Serous Fluid?

*Prevents very painful friction.
* Very important for organs that move.
The fluid that secrete by Parieta and Visceral membrane for lubrication.
What are some of the other body cavitites?

*They are smaller
*Mostly in head
*Mostly open to body exterior
*Oral Cavity
*Digestive Cavity
*Nasal Cavity
*Orbital Cavity
*Middle ear Cavities
*Synovial cavities found in joints