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What is another name for Frontal Cut
Coronal Cut
Cut the body through the side (Front fall forwards and the back fall backwards)
What is a Transverse cut

*also called Cross-section
A horizontal cut through the body
Cutting the body Superior and inferior
What is a Oblique cut

* the cut Terminology mostly use for trauma cases.
A diagonal cut
What are the 2 large cavities in the Axial Region
Dorsal Cavity and Ventral Cavity
Front and Back
What does the word "Cavity" mean
Anything that contain space
The two cavities that are contained in the Dorsal cavity are?
The Cranial Cavity and The Vertebral Cavity
What is within the Cranial cavity
The brain
What is within the Vertebral cavity?
The spinal Cord
What does the Ventral Body Cavity contains?

*The Ventral body Cavity is bigger then the Dorsal Body Cavity
Viscreal organs( organs located in the ventral body cavity)
What 2 body cavities are contained within the ventral body cavity?
Thoracic Cavity and Abdominoplevic Cavity
What do the Thoracic Cavity contains?
The lungs ( in the lateral plural cavity) & The heart (in the medial mediastinum)
What do the Abdominopelvic cavity contains?
The Abdominal cavity & the Pelvic cavity