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small intestine
*lined with __
*suspended by __
-majority of __ digestions here
(__ from liver, __ from pancreas)
-nutrient ___
*simple columnar epithelium
*mesentery proper
*chemical; bile; digestive enzymes
Small intestine regions:
1. Name and how long, receives __
2. name and length
3. name and length
1. duodenum, 25 cm/10 inches; main pancreatic duct and bile duct
2. jejunum, 2.5 m/ 7.5 feet
3. Illeum, 3.6 m (10.8 ft)
Modifications for absorption
*all 3 ___ for absorption
*___ aka ___ are macroscpc, slow chyme
*-__ are microscpc
*___ are microscpc, ___ surface of epith. cell (brush border)
circular folds, plicae circulares
microvilli; apical
*___ hernia, stomach pushes through esoph. hiatus
*___ hernia, intestines push through rectus adbd
*___ hernia, intestines push hrough inguinal canal (more common in males)
*___ hernia, intestines push through femoral triangle (more common in females)
Lg Intestine
*functions (2)
*special features (3)
-absorb water and electrolytes
-forces feces to rectum

-teniae coli
-epiploic appdgs
Large INst pic
pg. 167 third slide
*__ muscle
*generates __
*rectal __ prevent __
*well developed
*strong contractions
*valves; pooping while farting
anal canal

internal anal spincter
-always __
external anal spincter
anal sinuses
*pressure from ___ causes __
*___ anal canal
*pooing, excess mucous release
*poo obstucts __
*it will __ if untreaetd
*swell and burst
*causing peritonitis
Intestinal obstruction
*any hindrance to ___
*movement of chyme or feces through intestines
Inflammatory bowel disease
*___ inflammatin of intestine wall
*cramping, weight loss,diarrhea, weight loss, intestinal bleeding
Colorectal cancer
*__ most common cancer
*most arise from ___
*need a __
*intestinal polyups
Digestive Accessory Organs
*not part of __
*what do they do?
*Include (3)
*GI tact
*secrete substances into GI tract
*pancreas, liver, gallbladder
*BOTH ___
*exocrine (produce enzymes) and endocrine (produce insulin and glucagon)
*contains __ lobes
*name them
*right lobe, left lobe, quadrate lobe, caudate lobe
Gall Bladder
*stores and concentrates __
*look at picture 170 slide 2
*__ are destroyed and replaced by __
*commly caused by __
*one cause of __ (build up of __, skin/sclera turn __)
*liver cells; connective tissue
*jaundice; bilirubin from RBC recycle; yellow
Viral Hepatitis
*__ of liver
*__ symtoms and __
*flu like; jaundice
*crystalization of ___
Peritoneal Cavity
*two layers, (serous membranes of __)
*peritoneal cavity is ___, contains __
*parietal and visceral peritoneum (of abdominopelvic cavity)
*space between two peritoneal layers; lubricating serous fluid
*__ folds of __
*support __
*includes (3)
*double layer; peritoneum
*greater omentum, lesser omentum, mesentery proper
*organs that lie ___ __ the body wall
superficial to __
*includes (5)
*directly against
parietal peritoneum
*most of duodenum, pancreas, ascending and descending colon, rectum, kidneys
*__ becomes a tube after __
*primitive gut tube contains (3)
*accessory ogans __ the primitive gut tube
*endoderm; transverse folding
*foregut (forms pharynx to duodenum)
midgut (duodenum to transverse colon)
hindgut (colon to anus)
*bud off