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The vallate papillae are in what part of the tongue? (answer:root or dorsum)
The dorsum
What do the vallate papillae contain?
taste buds
What are also present around the vallate papillae?
serous gustatory glands
The serous gustatory glands have what purpose?
To wash away flavors in order to renew the vallate papillae for new tastes.
Along the sides of the tongue, toward the back, are transverse mucosal folds. What are they called?
foliate papillae
What do the foliate papillae contain?
taste buds and serous gustatory glands
What 2 papillae on the dorsum of the tongue are innervated by craial nerve 7 for taste sensation?
fungiform papillae
foliate papillae
What papillae are probably innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve, CN IX, which innervates the posterior 1/3 of the tongue for taste?
The vallate papillae
Posterior to the V-shaped terminal sulcus on the tongue, we see the root of the tongue covered with a very rugged surface. What is the name for these structures on the root of the tongue?
lingual follices
What is the tiny white pit that can be seen at the apex of the sulcus terminalis?
foramen cecum
What is foramen cecum, the embryological point of origin for?
The thyroglossal duct
In embryonal development what gland grew out of the floor of the pharynx, in the region of the tongue, before it developed and leaves behind a foramen cecum. Its duct of origin the thyroglossal duct?
The thyroid gland
The 4 qualities of taste: sour, salty, bitter and sweet are detected at different sites on the tongue. Are there recognizable differences in light or electron microscopy between the taste buds?
No. Noone has yet discovered any real differences between the different taste buds even though they are in different parts in the tongue tasting differnt qualities of taste.
What 2 tastes are at the tip of the tongue
salt and sweet
What taste is over the middle of the tongue but not towards the sides of the tongue?
Which 2 tastes are on the sides of the tongue?
sour and salty
There is a gradation between the sour and salt. Which of them is stronger on the side of the tongue toward the front?
Which is stronger on the side of the tongue toward the back? sour or salty?
What is the taste in the region of the vallate papillae?
As we look at the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth we have the __________.
hard palate
Behind the hard palate we have __________.
The soft palate
Hanging down in the center from the end of the soft palate we have ____________.
The uvula
What are the two pilars of tissue that arch up from the sides to the uvula?
The palatoglossal arches
What are the recesses directly behind the palatoglossal arches on both sides?
The tonsillar foci
What is the mass of lymphatic tissue within the tonsillar foci?
palatine tonsil
Directly posterior to the tonsillar foci and the palatine tonsil is another arching pillar, one on each side, what is that?
Palatopharyngeal arch
Behind the palatopharyngeal arches, there is a space stopped by the posteriorwall of the pharynx. what is this space?
The oropharynx