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1. Ulnar nerve
2. Median nerve
3. Radial nerve
What is the sensory innervation distribution of the palm?
#1 1st lumbrical
#2 2nd lumbrical
#3 3rd lumbrical
#4 4th lumbrical
#5 Adductor pollicis
#6 Flexor pollicis brevis
#7 Tendon of flexor pollicis longus
#8 Tendons of flexor digitorum profundus
#9 Tendon of flexor digitorum superficialis (cut)
#10 Fibrous flexor sheath
What are these hand muscles?
1 Dens
2 Foramen transversarium or transverse foramen
3 Spinous process or spine
4 Anterior arch of atlas
5 Posterior arch of atlas
6 Transverse process
7 Articular facet for base of skull
What are these structures?
# Scapula
# Body of thoracic vertebra
# Demi-facet for head of rib
# Superior articular process
# Transverse process
# Inferior articular process
# Spinous process or spine
What are these structures?
# Sacral crest
# Coccyx
# Posterior sacral foramen
# Iliac crest
# Sacral hiatus
# Vertebral foramen
What are thse?
What are the borders of the Triangular space?
Looking at it from posterior:
Base = teres major
Top (my) right = Teres minor
Top (my) left = triceps brachii insertion
What artery courses through the triangular space?
Circumflex scapular artery
What are the boundaries of the Quadrangular space?
Upper left = teres minor
Upper right = triceps long head
lower = teres major