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Osteology & Fascia
Post wrist the antebrachial fascia is thickended to form the
extensor retinaculum
extensor retinaculum is attached to the ____laterally & the______ medially
ulna, triquetrum & pisform
The purpose of extensor retinaculum; a fibrous band that hold the in _____position, prevents _____during extension
extensor muscle tendons bowstringing
The long extensor tendon is ___ to the metacaropophalangeal jts
The long extensor tendon for digits 2-5 expands into an aponeruosis that covers the
dorsal surface of the proximal phalanx
Extensor expansions continue distally to the
middle & distal phalanges
Muscles of the Extensor forearm
Six muscles of the superficial grp
Ext Carpi radialis longus
Ext Carpi radialis brevis
Ext digitorum
Ext digiti minimi
Ext carpi ulnaris
Muscles of the Extensor forearm
Deep grp
abd pollicis longus
Ext pollicis brevis
Ext pollicis longus
Exnt indicis
Present on the post aspect of the FA these muscles are primarily extensors of the
wrist jt & digits
The muscles of the deep & superficial grp are all innervated by the ___ nerve
radial nerve (C5-T1)
Two muscles of the superficial grp arise from the supracondylar ridge of the humerus
Ext carpi radialis longus
Most lateral of the muscles, inserts on the distal end of the radius.
Brachioradialis is grp'd with the extensors but is actually a
flexor muscle
inserts on the base of the 3rd metacarpal, extends, abducts the hand
ext carpi radialis longus
The other 4 superficial have an origin through a common tendon from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus
lateral to medial
Ext Carpi radialis brevis
Ext digitorum
Ext digiti minimi
Ext carpi ulnaris
inserts on the base of the 3rd metacarpal, ext, abducts the hand
Ext Carpi radialis brevis
tendons of this muscle insert into the expansions of the medial four digits, ext digits at the metacarpophalangeal & interpalangeal jts, also assits in ext of hand
ext digitorum
inserts into the ext expansion of the 5th digit & extends this digit
ext digiti minimi
inserts on the base of the 5th metacarpal, ext & adducts the hand
ext carpi ulnaris
All deep muscles take origin from the
ulna, radius or both
originates from the lat epicondyle of the humerus & the ulna, wraps around radius, inserts on this bone & supinates the FA
arise from the radius, ulna & interosseous membrane inserts on the base of the 1st metacarpal, abducts thumb helps to extend it
abductor pollicis longus
arise from the radius and interosseous memb, inserts on the prox phalanx of the thumb
abductor pollicus brevis
arise from the ulna & interosseous memb, inserts on the distal phalanx of the thumb
ext pollicus longus
arise from the ulna & interosseus memb, inserts ext expansion of the 2nd digit, extends digit, helps ext hand
extensor indicis
Three muscles acting on the thumb have their origins deep to the superficial exts, appear to crop out into view, they are reffered to as the
outcropping muscles
triangular interval bounded ant by tendons of abductor pollicis longus & ext pollicis brevis, tendons of abd pollicis longus
anatomical snuff box
Boundaries of the anatomical snuff box can be observed w/ abduction & ext of the
the ___artery crosses the floor of the snuff box formed by the scaphoid & trapezium to enter the palm
radial artery
Nerves of ext FA & Dorsal hand
3 nerves supply cutaneous innervation to the extensor FA
lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (cont from musculocut nerve), medial antebrachial cut, post antebrachial cut nerve
lateral antebrachial cut nerve
skin on the radial side of the FA
medial antebrachial cut nerve (branch of the medial cord of the brachial plexus) supplies the
skin of the ulnar side
post antebrachial cut nerve (branch of the radial nerve) supplies
an area on the posterior FA bet the distributions of 2 other nerves
Motor nerve of the ext FA is the ___nerve
radial nerve
After the radial nerve innervates the ext carpi radialis longus & brachioradialis it divides into
superfical & deep brachches
The smaller superficial nerves (cont of the main nerve, is all a ___nerve
Superificial branch of the radial nerve comes from under the brachioradialis, emerges into the fascia near the wrist to supply the
skin on the dorsal wrist, lat 1/2 of the dorsum of the hand, & prox half of lateral 2,5 digits (thumb, index fing, & lat 1/2 of middle )
After branching of the radial nerve to ext carpi radialis brevis & supinator the deep branch of the radial pierces the supinator to enter the
extensor comp of the FA
nerve accompanies the post interosseous branch of the ulnar art, supplies the remainig exts & abd pollicis longus. No cutaneous innv. assoc with this nerve
post interosseus nerve
___&____nerves have no motor fxn in ext FA but have important cutaneous distrib in the dorsal hand
median & ulnar nerves
The ____sends sensory fibers to the dorsum of the distal 1/2 of the lateral 3.5 digits
median nerve
The ____nerve gives sensory fibers to the medial half of the dorsum of the hand & medial 1.5 digits (little finger & medial half of the ring finger
ulnar nerve
Arteries Of Ext FA & Dorsal hand
The more anterior portion of the ext FA is supplied by branches of the radial artery (lies under brachioradialis
radial artery
The largest branch to the extensor muscles is the
recurrent artery
a branch of the ulnar artery passes posteriorly between the radius & ulna, runs down on the interosseus memb to supply adj extensor muscle
post interosseous artery
As the post interosseus art reaches the wrist it joins the dorsal carpal branches of the raidal & ulnar branches to form
anastomosing arches on the dorsum of the hand, give rise to small dorsal metacarpal & digital arteries
Tendonitis of the elbow (tennis elbow) charact. by pain over the
lateral epicondyl of the humerus
Tendonitis of elbow follows prolonged & forceful ____ of the FA
Tendonditis of the elbow SS are d/t inflammation of the
common extensor tendon
lesions of the radial nerve in the arm or cubital fossa may paralyze all the extensor muscles of the FA producing
wrist drop
Lumbricals are innervated by the ___ & ____ nerves & interossi are supplied by the ulnar, can still flex metacarpophalangeal jts, ext interphalangeal jts, wrist drops d/t lack of exts in FA
median & ulnar nerves
FX of the scaphoid results in the localized tenderness in the ____
anatomical snuff box