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supraorbital f.
supraorbital a. (from opthalmic a.)
supraorbital n. from V1
infraorbital f.
infraorbital n. from V2
infraorbital vessels
mental f.
mental n. from V3
mental vessels
lacrimal f.
communicating a. b/w middle meningeal a. and lacrimal a.
superior orbital fissure
oculomotor n. III
trochlear n. IV
trigeminal n. V
abducent n. VI
sympathetic n.'s from cavernous plexus
orbital br. of middle meningeal a.
recurrent br. of lacrimal a.
superior opthalmic v.
inferior orbital fissure
maxillary n. V2
zygomatic n.
infraorbital vessels
communicating br. from inferior opthalmic v.
zygomaticofacial f.
zygomaticofacial n.
anterior ethmoid f.
nasociliary n.
anterior ethmoidal vessels
posterior ethmoid f.
posterior ethmoidal vessels
optic canal
optic n. II
opthalmic a.
platysma- FN
F: depress mandible and lower lip; tenses and ridges the skin of the neck
N: cervical br. of facial n. VII
F: tilts head toward same side, rotates face towards opposite side; acting bilaterally: flex the head at the neck
N: spinal accessory n. XI; fibers from C2 and C3