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Bones of the Pectoral Girdle
Clavicle, scapula

Contains the acromial and sternal ends, and the conoid tubercle.
Acromio-clavicular Joint
Articulation point of the clavicle with the acromion of the scapula.
Acromial End
Lateral end of the clavicle (where the bone is is concave).
Sternal End
Medial end of the clavicle, which articulates with the clavicular notch of the sternum. (End which is convex)
Shoulder blade.

Contains The acromion, coracoid process, glenoid cavity, lateral border, inferior angle, medial border, subscapular fossa, superior angle, superior border, suprascapular notch, supraspinous fossa, infraglenoid tubercle, spine, infraspinous fossa, medial border, and lateral angle
Conoid Tubercle
Bump on the clavicle's posterior side, on the posterior side of the concave curvature.
The actual "corner" of the shoulder, with which the clavicle articulates.

Fanlike, bony projection of the lateral side of the scapula which connects to the scapular spine.
Suprascapular Notch
Indentation on the superior aspect of the scapular, between the coracoid process and the superior angle.
Superior Border
The superior surface of the scapula.
Coracoid Process
Projection on the scapula which is anterior to the acromion. Connects at the anterior wall of the glenoid cavity.
Superior Angle
Medial angle on the superior surface of the scapula. Forms the medial "lobe" of the scapular "heart."
Glenoid Cavity
Cavity in the lateral aspect of the scapula to which the humerus articulates.
Subscapular Fossa
Indentation of the anterior aspect of the scapula, on the main body.
Medial Border
Medial edge of the scapula.
Inferior Angle
V-shaped inferior portion of the scapula. The "tip" of the scapular "heart."
Lateral Border
The lateral edge of the scapula, inferior to the glenoid cavity.
Supraspinous Fossa
Large gap between the acromion and the coracoid process, easily seen from the lateral aspect of the scapula.
Infraglenoid Tubercle
Small bump of bone inferior to the glenoid cavity on the lateral aspect of the scapula.
Infraspinous Fossa
Indentation on the main body of the scapula on its posterior aspect.
Lateral Angle
Angular stretch of bone below the acromion, bordering the glenoid cavity laterally.
Scapular Spine
Flaring ridge of bone on the posterior surface of the scapula which broadens into the acromion.