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the circulatory system?
the system that supplies our cells' transportation
apical beat (heart sound)is best at?
apex of the heart
compress by application of pressure to the lower portion of the sternum using the heal of the hand. life saving
heart contains 4 hollow chamber?
2 upper atria, and 2 lower ventricles
the atria is_______than the ventricles, and the atria's wall is_______
smaller, thinner muscle
blood enters to the heart atria by vein. the atria is called_____?
receiving chamber
eventually, the ventricle pumps blood from heart into the arteries, the ventricle is called?
discharging chambers
cardiac muscle tissue made up the wall of heart chamber, is called___?
the septum seperates the atrial chamber is called___?
interatrial septum
the septum seperates the ventricles is called____?
ventricular septum
thin layer of smooth muscle lining in each chamber of the heart is called___?
inflammation layer lining in chamber is____?
blood clot?
two layers of fibrous tissue with small space between?
the inner layer of the pericardium is called?
visceral pericardium or epicardium
the outer layer of pericardium is called?
parietal pericardium
the two pericardial layers slide against each other w/o friction because____?
serous membrane is moistured
inflammation of pericadium?
pericardial edema causes?
the visceral and parietal pericardium to rub together and cause severe chest pain
pericardial fluid, pus or blood in the space of two pericardial layer may cause___?
the pumping action of the heart (pericardial effusion) and compression of the heart (cardiac tamponade)
contraction of the heart is called?
relaxation of the heart is called?
the two valves that separate the atrial chambers above from the ventricles below are called?
AV or atrioventricular valves
the two AV valves are called?
bicuspid or mitral valve, located on the left
valves between the right atrium and ventricle is called?
tricuspid valve
AV valves prevents_____?
backflow of blood into the atria when the ventricle contract
stringlike attach the AV valves is called?
chordae tendinae
___located between the two ventricular chamber and the large arteries that carry blood away from the heart?
SL or semilunar valves
_____carry blood away from the heart when contraction occur?
SL or semlunar valve
two semilunar valves open and close_____?
at the same time
lines the heart chamber?
cover the surface of the heart?
lines the heart chamber?
covers the surface of the heart?