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Where is the Median located?
Toward the middle
Where is the lateral located?
Away from the middle
Where is the medius located?
Inthe midline
Where is the median located?
Within the median plane
Where is the central located?
toward the center of the body
Where is the Peripial Located ?
toward the surface of the body
Where is the anterior located?
toward the front of the body
Where is the ventral located?
toward the abdomen
Where is the posterior located?
Toward the back of the body
Where is the dorsal located?
Toward the back
Where is the promixal located?
Toward the limb attachment
Where is the distal located?
Away from the limb attchment
What movement is flexion?
What movement is estension?
What is abduction?
movement away from the body
What is adduction?
movement toward the body
What movement is rotation?
pivoting or rotary motion
What movement is circumduction?
circular movement