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innervating most of the muscles the upper limb this nerve plexus is an interminigling of nerve fibers from the ____rami of C5-T1
Brachial Plexus
ventral rami
Rami form nerve plexus called _____that divide into ant & post ___
Divisions reflect the ___ of the upper limb because anterior divsions supply _____muscles and posterior divisions supply
post axial
Anterior & post divisions join to form nerve structures called
Each chord of the brachial plexus into two _____
terminal branches
Postgang symp fibers join the ventral primary rami via ________and distribute witht he branches of the brachial plexus
gray rami communicantes
The brachial plexus contains __ parasymp fibers in these branches to structures in the upper limb
are the most proximal portion of the brachial plexus
vental rami
Two nerves arise from the rami
dorsal scapular nerve & long thoracic thoracic nerve
dorsal scapular nerve arise from ___ innervates the inferior slips of the ____ and ______muscles
C5, levator scap
rhomboid maj & minor
Long throacic nerve arises from the ventral rami of ___ and ___ supplies the ___ muscle
serratus anterior
_____trunks of the brachial plexus are located in the
posterior triangle of the neck
nerve arises from ___ & ___ innervates supraspinatus & infraspinatus muscles gives an articular branch to the should jt.
suprascapular nerve
Nerve to the ____ C5&6 innervates the subclavius muscle
The middle trunk is the continuation of the ___ramus,
The ___trunk is formed by the rami of __ and __ Neither trunk gives rises to nerves
C8 & T1
nerves arise directly from the divsions of the brachial plexus
Three cords of the brachial plexus are located in the ___ and are named with respect to the part of the ____ deep to the pectoralis minor muscle
axillary artery
formed from the anterior divisions of the superior and middle trunks Three nerves arise directly from the lateral cord
lateral cord (C5-7)
nerve (C5-7) innervates the pectoralis maj (clavicular head )
lateral pectoral head
nerve (C5-7) invvervates the three flexo muscles in the arm and supplies the elbow jt and skin on the laterl side of the forearm. One of the two terminal branches of the lateral cord.
musculocutaneous nerve
terminal branch (C5-7) of the lateral cord is joined by a contribution from the medial cord to form the median nerve
lateral root of the median nerve
lateral root of the median nerve innervates ___ muscles of the flexor forearm and ___ intrinsic muscles of the hand
The ___ nerve supplies the ___and ___ jts and the skin of most of the palmar surface of the hand
is the continuation of the anterior division of the inferior trunk. 5 nerves aris directly from the medial cord
medial cord (C8-T1)
nerve innervates the pectoralis minor and part of the maj (sternocostal head)
medial pectoral nerve
nerve (C8-T1) provides cutaneous innervation to the medial side of the arm
medial brachial cutaneous nerve
nerve (C8-T1) provides cutaneous innervation to the medial side of the forearm
medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve
innervates (C8-T1) 1.5 muscles of the flexor forearm and most of the intrinsic muscles of the hand
Ulnar nerve, supplies elbow, wrist jts and the skin on the medial surfaces of the hand. one of the terminal branches of the medial cord.
terminal branch (C8-T1) of the medial cord joined by the lateral root to form the median nerve (C5-8,T1)
medial root of median nerve
arrangement of the musculocutaneous median & ulnar nerves anterior to the axillary artery form the letter
formed from the posterior divisions of all three trunks
posterior cord
arise directly from the posterior cord
five nerves
nerve (C5,6) innervates part of the subscapularis muscle
upper subscapular nerve
nerve (C5,6) innervates the latissimus doris
thoracodorsal nerve
nerve (C5,6) innervates teres major and subscapularis
lower scapular nerve
nerve (C5,6) innervates the deltoid & teres minor, supplies the should jt adn skin over the inferior half of the deltoid and adjacent arm
axillary nerve
terminal branch (C5-T1) of the posterior cord innervates all the extensor muscles of the arm and forearm, supplies elbow & wrist jts, skin of post arm, forearm, some dorsum of hand
radial nerve
injury to ____usually result from excessive separation of the neck and should
upper part of the brachial plexus
Rami of the spinal nerves C5,6 may be pulled out of the spinal cord or the superior trunk may be torn leisions are known as
Erb-Duchenne paralysis cause upper limb to hand in the characteristic of a waiter's tip position
Injury to the lower part of the brachial plexus result if the upper limb is suddenly pulled ___
Superiorly, invovle injury to lower part of the plexus (C8-T1, most hand intrinsic muscles are paralyzed (Klumpke's paralysis claw hand
Acessory rib can stretch and damage the inferior trunk (C8-T1) causing
cervicle rib synd.
Damage to the ______can result in paralysis of the ____. as a consequence the meidal border of the scapula becomes unusually prominent giving a appperance of a ___
long throacic nerve
serratus anterior
Winged scapula