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With the ulnar nerve knocked out, and C8, T1 missing from radial and median nerves, what is going to be affected in the hand
Various digital movements
What nerve is involved in "no thumb opposition", thenar atrophy, no flexion of thumb, index or middle finger?
The median nerve (C6-T1)
What is the numbness and tingling only on the medial side of the palm, the side opposite the thumb and the fourth and fifth fingers, caused by?
ULNAR nerve entrapment, compression at the elbow is common.
In loss of triceps reflex, what nerve is implicated
radial nerve
When you have pain and tenderness in the proximal portion of the anterior forearm, often following repetitive elbow movements, what nerve is affected?
The median nerve (C6-T1) but compressed in a different location
Compression of the inferior trunk of the brachial plexus involves usually what three nerves?
Sensory and motor portioa of

Ulnar, Radial and Median nerves
What nerve is involved with claw hand?(when ther is no flexion of the 4th and 5th fingers and apothenar atrophy)
The Ulnar nerve
In loss of triceps reflex, What are the two mscles involved?
Triceps and anconeus
What are the dermatomes involved for symptoms of impairment of wrist flexion and of digital movements and anesthesia medial side of arm, forearm and hand?
The C8 and T1 dermatomes
What is the dermatome of the medial side of the arm?
We will look at wrist drop and loss of triceps reflex. Wrist drop is loss of hand extension. What nerve is implicated?
RADIAL nerve
Which of the terminal branches is the nerve that has only C8 and T1 in it?
ULNAR nerve
There is a nerve and 3 muscles involved in loss of elbow flexion and forerm supination, and loss of biceps reflex as an isolated set of symptoms. How does this occur?
When the musculocutaneous nerve is severed in the axilla before it has innervated any of the muscles in the arm for flexing and supinating the forearm.