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what is the latin word for "ashamed" or "to be shamed"?
what separates the pelvis from the perinium?
pelvic diaphragm
what is the floor of the pelvis made up of?
the coccygeal and levator ani muscles (the pelvic diaphragm)
what is it called when the perineal body tears during childbirth, causing a weakening of the support of the pelvic structure, possibly causing prolapse later on?
name some homologous structures of males/females?
labia mjora, scrotal sac; glans of the clitoris, glans of the penis; shaft/body of penis, body of clitoris; prefuse/foreskin of penis, same of clitoris
what does the superficial perineal pouch contain in the female? male?
female - labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and associated structures, openings of the vagina and urethra
male - scrotal sac, penis, crus of penis (attached part of corpus cavernosum), bulb of penis, glans of penis, and perinial body
what is the name of the fascia that is continuous with Scarpa's fascia laterlly as you extend around the anterior abdominal wall?
Colle's fascia
what does the deep perineal pouch contain in the male?
membranous urethra, bulbourethral gland, external urethral sphincter, deep transverse perineal muscle
do the fibers of the bulbospongiosus muscle in the male cross over? what about the female?
yes, no
what separates the superficial pouch from the deep perineal pouch?
the perineal membrane
what does the corpus spongiosum make up in the male? female?
bulb of the penis, glans of the penis, bulb of the vestibule
what does the corpus cavernosum make up in the male? female?
crus of the penis, crus of the clitoris
what is the name of the deep investing fascia that surrounds the corpus spongiosum in the male?
Buck's fascia
what is another name for the deep perineal pouch?
the urogenital diaphragm
what 2 arteries does the perineal artery divide into?
1- posterior scrotal/labial branches (superficial)
2- dorsal artery of the penis/clitoris (deep)
is the pudendal nerve somatic or autonomic? what fibers does it arise from? what does it allow for?
somatic (sensation), ventral anterior rami of S2, S3, S4, allows for sensation for external genitalia
what 4 things pass through the pudendal canal?
internal pudendal artery and nerve, internal pudendal vein, nerve to the obturator internus muscle
how is a pudendal nerve block performed?
spines of ischium are palpated through the wall of the vagina and then a needle is passed towards that and anesthetics are injected
what kind of nerves are responsible for the erectile tissue of both sexes to engorge and retain blood? where do these nerves come from?
parasympathetics, S2, S3, S4
what is the name for the very coiled arteries that are present in erectile tissue?
what is the internal anal sphincter innervated by? external?
pelvic sympathetics and parasympathetics, somatic nerves
what separates the false pelvis from the true pelvis?
the pelvic brim
what is the male subpubic angle? female?
60 degrees, up to 120 degrees
what is the usual distance between the ischial spines? what is considered too small for vaginal birth?
10.5 cm, 9-9.5 cm
where is conjugate diameter of the pelvis measured? what about the AP diameter?
C - superior aspect of the pubic symphisis to the sacral promontory
AP - inferior aspect of the pubic symphisis to the coccyx
what is one of the most frequently fractured sites of the oxycoccxy?
the ischio-pubic ramus
how are the 2 spinous ligaments related to each other?
the sacrospinous ligament is anterior/medial to the sacrotuberous ligament
the sacral plexus is formed on the surface of what muscle?
where does the obturator internis insert?
the tendon passes at a 90 degree angle through the lesser sciatic foramen to attach posteriorly to the greater trochanter
what muscle almost fills the greater sciatic foramen?
what muscles form the pelvic diaphragm?
coccygeus (ischial coccygeus) and levator ani (made of pubococcygeous and iliococcygeous)
what is the name of the thickened part of the obturator internis?
the tendonous arc of the levator ani
what are the 3 types of fibers of the pubococcygeous? which one is most medial and anterior?
pubourethralis, pubovaginalis, and puborectalis (most medial and anterior)
what is the most inferior portion of the male peritoneal cavity?
rectal vesicle pouch
what is the name for excess liquid in the peritoneal cavity?
what are the 2 pouches in the female? which one is more inferior? which one can be used to test for ectopic pregnancy?
rectouterine pouch (pouch of Douglas or cul-de-sac) - more inferior and used to test for ectopic pregnancy
vesicouterine pouch
what are the 4 parts of the broad ligament? which one is the largest part?
infundibulopelvic lig (suspensory lig of the ovary), mesoovarium, mesosalpinx, mesometrium (largest part)
what procedure can prevent fertilization by cutting the fallopian tube?
what is the name of the condensation of fascia at the inferior aspect of the mesometrium? what is located in it?
the cardinal ligament, uterine artery and ureter
what are 3 thickenings (ligaments) of visceral pelvic fascia? which one is most important in the suspension of the uterus?
pubovesical lig, pubocervical lig, and lateral cervical lig (aka, lig of McEnroe, cardinal lig) - this one is 90% of the ligamentous support of the uterus
- there is also a uterosacral lig
what is the equivalent of the subocervial lig of the female in the male? what do these ligs do?
puboprostatic lig, these ligs limit the retropubic space
what is the name of the instance when the anterior wall of the vagina is weakened and the posterior wall of the base of the bladder pushes on it and you can see the bladder wall extending through the vagina?
what part of the uterus is the cervix?
lower 1/3
what % of women have a retroverted uterus?