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-Lateral 1/3 of clavicle acromion, spine of scapula
-Muscles pass superiorly and laterally -> wrap around inferior border of teres major muscle -> tendon inserts into floor of intertubercular (bicipital) groove of humerus
Latissimus dorsi
-Medial border of scapula (from superior angle to root of spine)
Levator scapulae
-Medial border of scapula (at level of root spine)
Rhomboid Minor
-Medial border of scapula (from root of spine to inferior angle)
Rhomboid Major
-Lower part of ligamentum nuchae and spinous process of C7 to T2 or T3
Serratus Posterior Superior (immediately deep to rhomboid muscles)
-Spinous processes from T11 to L2 or L3
Serratus Posterior Inferior
-Lower part of ligamentum nuchae and spinous processes C7 to T3
Splenius Capitis
-Spinous processes T3 to T6 vertebrae
Splenius Cervicis
-Muscle fibers ascend deep to splenius, Insert into occipital bone, In medial part of area between superior and inferior nuchal lines
Semispinalis Capitis
-Transverse processes to spinous processes of all vertebrae from AXIS (C2) to L5
-Fibers run inferiorly & laterally, Insert into rib immediately below (levator costarum brevis) or 2nd rib below (levator costarum longus
Levatores costarum (12 pairs)
-Posterior tubercle of atlas (C1)
Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor (Rectus Minor)
-Spinous process of axis (C2)
Rectus Capitis Posterior Major (Rectus Major)
-Transverse process of atlas (C1)
Obliquus Capitis Superior (Superior Oblique)
-Spinous process of axis (C2)
Obliquus Capitis Inferior (Inferior Oblique)