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ACh (re: ANS)
All preganglionic fibers

Parasympathetic postganglionic fibers

Sympathetic postganglionic fibers to arrector pili and sweath glands
NE (re: ANS)
Sympathetic postganglionic fibers
Sympathetic ganglia for viscera
Sympathetic efferent origins
Interomediolateral cell column
White rami communicantes
Path from spinal root to sympathetic chain for efferents

Path from sympathetic chain to spinal cord for afferents
Gray rami communicans
Path from sympathetic chain to spinal root for efferents
Sympathetic afferents synapse (location)
No synapse outside of CNS (ANS)
Parasympathetics to body wall
None (re: parasympathetic innervation)
Peripheral synapse for autonomic afferents
None (re: synapses in autonomic system)
Anaesthetic in sacral hiatus
Epidural space (re: anaesthetic)
Synapse of sympathetics to thoracic viscera
Sympathetic chain synapse (re: viscera)
Sympathetic afferents from body wall
Don't go through sympathetic chain