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Part of the nervous system concerned with the innervaton of involuntary structures; cardiac muscles, smooth muscle (organs blood vessels, glands
autonomic nervous system
ANS has ___ neurons required to transmit a nerve impluls from the CNS to an effector organ
Preganglionic and postganglionic
Somatic nervous system requires ___ neurons to transmit a nerve impulse
Preganglionic motor cell bodies of the
ANS are location in the ___ and ___
Brain & spinal cord
In the spinal cord motor fibers exit the spinal cord with somatic motor fibers in the
ventral roots
sensory fibers of the ANS have cell bodies with the ___ similar to somatic sensory
Dorsal root ganglion
The ANS can be divided into the ___ & _____ systems
parasympathetic and sympathetic
The function of the sympathetic is ____
fight or flight
inc HR, bp, redistribute bld away from skin & intestine to brain, heart, skeletal muscle, inhibit perastalisis (close sphincters
Preganglion fibers are ___ fibers and post are ___ fibers in the SNS
pre are short
post are long
except in the splanchnic nerves
Preganglion use ____as a neurotransmitter
postganglion use ___ as a neurotransmitter
Cell bodies of pregang motor fibers are located in _____ of the lateral horn at ____(thoracolumbar) spinal cord levels
intermediolateral cell column
SNS motor fibers accompany somatic motor fibers through the ventral roots at these levels
there are no sns motor fibers exiting the spinal cord in the cervical, lower lumbar or sacral
Ventral & dorsal roots converge to form the ___
spinal nerve
Preganglionic motor fibers of SNS leave the spinal nerve as ______ramus commuicans
white (myelinated) enter the vertically oriented sympathetic trunk paravertebrally (along vertebrae)
Sympathetic trunks are paired & consist of a series of ganglia (contain post gang motor cell bodies)connected by axon-intervening fibers give appearance of a string of beads
sympathetic trunks
Contributions to the sympathetic trunk only come from ___ & ___ spinal cord segments
thoracic & lumbar spinal cord
The sympathetic trunk extends superiorly to the ___ vertebra and inferior to the ____
C1 and pelvis
Preganglionic motor fibers enter white rami may ____ with post gang in the sympathetic gang at the same level
Pre gang may course ____ or ______ several segments w/in the sympathetic trunk before synapsing w/ post gang
superiorly or inferiorly
Pre gang may travel through and exit the sympathetic trunk without synapsing and form ____ branches known as splanchinic (visera)(pregang motor) nerves
viscral branches
Post gang axons are
post gang fibers from sympathetic trunk join the spinal nerves via
gray ramus communicans (gray = unmyelinated)
Spinal nerves at all vertebral levels recv' at least one ___ramus communicans (all contain a sympathetic comp)
Splanchnic nerves contain primarily ______motor and
pregang and sensory fibers
Post gang neurons for splanchnic are not locatic in the ____ but in periperal ganglia close to the viscera they will innervate (stomach)
In the PNS (periph) pregang are ___ and postgang are ___
pregang = long
postgang = short
The largest pregang is located in the ____ and recv splanchnic nerves from the thoracic region
Ganglia are located next to the the abd aorta ant to the ventral bodies are termed
prevertebral ganglia
originate from cell bodies of the ganglia distribute to viscera by following blood vessels
Postgang fibers
Sensory fibes accompany SNS motor comp in splanchnic nerves. Sensory fibers have cell bodies located in the
dorsal root ganglion(sim to afferent fibers ) use dorsal roots and white rami communicantes for periph distribution
Parasym (carniosacral) function of this division is to establish homeostasis PNS act to
slow HR, inc intestinal perastalsis, gland activity open sphincters
PNS do not distribute to the ___ and ___ , limited to the structures in the head, thoracic, abd, pelvis viscera and genitals
limbs or body wall
Pregang efferent fibers are ___ and postgang are ___ in the PNS
long and short
Both pregang & postgang fibers use ___ as a neurotransmitter
Structures of Parasym ANS
Cell bodies of pregang are located either in assoc w/ specific nuclei of cranial nerves
III, VII, IX & X or in the intermediolateral cell column at spinal cord levels (S2,3,4)
Axons from the cranial protion of the PNS travel w/ corres cranial nerve and synapse in specific
cranial Parasymp ganglia
____postgang fibers from these gang travel to the vescera to be innervated
Axons from the sacral portion of the parasymp exit the cord ventrally along w/ somatic motor fibers in the ventral roots of ___
spinal nerves
Myelinated pregang axons usually leave the spinal nerve w/ which they are assoc immediately after the spinal nerve exis the vertebral column and are termed
pelvic splanchnic nerves
Post gang neurons are located in ganglia that are widely scattered and irreg space throughout the ___ and ___
trunk & head
Post gang are located very ___ to organs that they innervate or even within the walls of the organ
Pregang motor fibers are ___ & post gang are __ in the SNS
shot & long
In the PNS the pregang is ___ and the post gang is ____
long & short
fibers ascending and descending bet ganglia of the sympathetic trunk are primarily
___ Rami are only found assoc w/ ___spinal nerves and contain pregang motor & sensory fibers
___rami communicantes contain post gang motor fibers
contain primarily pregang motor and sensory fibers
Splanchnic nerves
PNS has nothing to do with the viseral, limbs only goes to the