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Muscles that insert on the olecranon process of the ulna can act to?
Extend the forearm
A muscle that assists the muscle that is primarily responsible for given action is a(n)?
Spinal nerves are?
Both Sensory and Motor
The outermost connective-tissue covering of nerves is the?
The inferior ramus of the pubis is the origin and the medial tibia is the insertion of the ________ muscle?
The________ reflex complements the flexor reflex by activating contralateral muscles?
Crossed Extensor
A bipolar neuron has?
One axon and one dendrite arising from the soma.
Which of the following muscles pulls on the iliotibial tract?
Gluteus Maximus
The part of the peripheral nervous system that carries sensory information to the CNS is designated?
Nissl bodies are located where in the neuron
In the Soma
During its______ a neuron responds only to small stimuli stronger that a normal threshold stimulus?
Depolarized Phase
This plexus is formed by the ventral rami nerves C4-T2. It innervates the upper limb and some muscles of the neck and shoulder?
Which area of the graph occur when there is a sudden inrush of sodium?
Graph #2
What is the powerful abductor muscle of the upper arm?
Nerve Signals
Travel fastest in large myelinated fibers
The neuroglia responsible for making cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in the CNS are the ?
Ependymal cells
The muscle that dorsiflexes the foot is the what?
Tibialis anterior
The white matter of the spinal cord contains?
Bundles of axons with common origins,destinations, and functions.
what muscles are in the quadriceps group?
Biceps femoris
All of the following originate on the scapula,except the?
Pectoralis major
Which of these phrases most aptly describes muscle insertion?
Tendon attachment that moves
This type of neuron has one dendrite, one axon and is found in special sensory organs (sight, smell, hearing)
Bipolar neurons
Neuromuscular toxins, such as pesticedes, bind to ________ and prevent it from degrading the neurotransmitter to cause spastic paralysis and possible suffocation....
Comparing the 2 systems, this ___________division is characterized by ganglia, such as paravertebral, 2 neurotransmitters: acetylcholine and norepinephrine, slow conducting unmyelinated fibers.
Autonomic Division
The word halluc is in the name of a muscle pertains to?
Big Toe
The orgin of the frontalis muscle is the?
Epicranial aponeurosis
The Kissing muscle that purses the lips is the?
Obicularis ocuil
The flexor reflex
usually depends on cranial neurons
Jill suffers a severe cut that serves the tendon that attaches the insertion of the flexor carpi ulnaris. As a result of this injury, what action is difficult for her to perform?
Flex and adduct her hand
Neurotransmitters are complex categories of various neuropeptides, amino acids,ect, that the nervous system relies on for chemical communication. ________ is CNS transmitter released in areas of the brain that when damaged or deficient may result in stiffness or rigidity in Parkinson's disease?