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Discribe an osteon from the center out..4
1.central canal (blood/nerve)
2.lamellae (concentric rings)
3.osteocytes (found in lacuna)
4.nutrients diffuse via canaliculi
What are the 3 types of cartilage?
1.hyline cartilage
2.elastic cartilage
3.fibrous cartilage
where is hyaline cartilage found?
c rings of trachea, articular ends of bones, nose.
hyaline cartilage is a precursor to bone support t/f?
Chondrocytes are located where?
The lacunae (for all three thyes of cartilage
hyaline cartilage appears what colour under the scope?
pink background with blue balls.
Elastic cartilageis found where?
ear, auditory canal, epiglottis
What is elastic cartilages purpose?
Flexibility and support.
Under the scope it looks like?
Elastic fibres found within the elastic cartilage is primary for what function
being elastic!!
Fibrous cartilage is found where?
intervertebral discs. pubic smyphisis, always follows one of the other two types of cartilage.