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The tricuspid valve
prevents backflow of blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium
Indicates ventricular repolarization
Q-T interval
Represents the time from the beginning of ventricular depolarization to the end
Represents atrial depolarization
S-T segment
Represents the time when the ventricular contractile fibers are fully depolarized; occurs during the plateau phase of the action potential
QRS Complex
Represents the onset of ventricular depolarization
P-Q Interval
Represents the conduction time from the beginning of atrial excitation to the beginning of ventricular excitation
Cardiac Reserve
The difference between a persons maximum cardiac output and cardiac output at rest
Stroke Volume
The amount of blood ejected per beat by each ventricle
End-diastolic volume(EDV)
The amount of blood contained in the ventricles at the end of ventricular relaxation
Isovolumetric Relaxation
The period when all four valves are closed and ventricular blood volume does not change
End-systolic volume(ESV)
The amount of blood remaining in the ventricles following ventricular contraction
Ventricular Ejection
The period of time when the SL valves are open and blood flows out of the inferior chambers
Isovolumetric contraction
The period when all four valves are closed and ventricular blood volume does not change
Interclated Discs
The gap junction and desmosome connections between individual cardiac muscle fibers