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what does the anterior intercostal membrane branch off of?
external intercostal membrane
sternal angle is formed by...
body of the sternum and the manubrium

it marks the 2nd rib
what two structures does the clavicle articulate with?
manubrium and the first costal cartilage
what does the tubercle of the rib articulate with?
transverse process of the vertebrae; forms a synovial joint
what level is the costodiaphragmatic recess found at?
10th intercostal space
what branches off of the intercostal nerve?
lateral cutaneous, muscular, and anterior cutaneous nerves
what is the origin and insertion of the transversus thoracic muscles?
originates from the body of the xiphoid process of the sternum and inserts into the cartilage of the 2nd-6th ribs
at what level is the pulmonary semilunar valve?
between 2nd and 3rd left costal cartilages toward their distal ends