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dorsal body cavity
subdivided into cranial(encases brain) and vertebral(encloses spinal cord) cavities
ventral body cavity
large anterior cavity containing lungs,heart intestines,kidneys(visceral organs)
2 divisions of ventral body cavity
thoracic cavity
abdominopelvic cavity
thoracic cavity subdivided into 3 parts
2 lateral pleural cavities containing the lungs & the pericardial cavity which contains the heart
2 parts of abdominopelvic cavity
abdominal cavity containing liver,stomach,kidneys etc.
pelvic cavity containing bladder,reproductive organs,rectum. Many of theses organs are surrounded by peritoneal cavity.
serous cavities-membranes surrounding organs within respective cavities
2 parts of serosa
parietal-part that forms outer wall
visceral-continuous with outer forming inner wall covering organs
oral cavity
contains tongue & teeth-continuous with rest of digestive tube,opens to exterior at anus
nasal cavity
located within & posterior to nose,part of the respiratory system
orbital cavities
the cavities in the skull house the eyes & present them in an anterior position
middle ear cavities
each middle ear cavity lies medial to the ear & is carved into the bone of the skull.These cavities contain tiny bones that transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear
synovial cavities
joint cavities:they are enclosed within fibrous capsules that surround movable joints,i.e.hip,knee.Contain fluid to reduce friction as bones move across each other
serous fluid
watery fluid that allows visceral organs to slide w/o friction as they carry out their routine function
4 quadrants of abdomen
right upper
left upper
right lower
left lower
intersects at navel
nine regions of abdomen
right & left hypochodriac regions
epigastric region
right& left lumbar regions
umbilical region
right & left iliac(inguinal) regions
hypogastric region