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Which of the following muscles acts with thte piriformis to extrenally rotate the femus
Oburator externus
Which is not normally reobsorbed by the kidney tubles
The circulation of blood from the right ventricle through the pulmonary to the lung is called
pulmonary circulation
Insulin is secreted by
Muscle contraction allowing for good posture
The cardiac sphinter is found at the distal end of the
Name of tissue found covering the articular surface of bones
Also called the master gland
anterior pituitary
Structure which initiates stretch relflex in muscle (causing contraction)
spindle cell
The three muscles that attach to the coracoid process are-
pectoralis minor, coracobrachialis, short head of biceps
During what kind of excerise does the tone of the muscle increase its length while its lengths stays the same
Where do the flexors of the wrist orginate?
Medial epicondyle
Which of the following is a two joint muscle?
biceps brachhi
A lateral curve of the spine is a deviation known as
Inversion of the foot by the tibialis anterior turns the sole
toward the midline
The rotator cuff us found at which joint in the body
scapulohumeral joint
Which type of muscle is responsible for movement of the bones
striated ( skeletal)
The only bone attachment between the lower appendicular skeleton and the axial skeleton is the
Sacroilliac joint
The orgin of the short head of the biceps bracci is :
coracoid process
The most superficial muscle of the back is
The motion that can occur between the occiput and the atlas is
flexion and extension
Brachialia is the strongest flexor of the
Which artery should you be aware of when working the cervical area?
The quadriceps muscle that attaches to the anterior iliac spine is the
rectus femoris
The gluteal muscle that attaches to the ilitibial tract is the
gluteus maximus
Which of the following muscles might need to be considered in assestment of the following condition
retus femoris
Propriorceptor, which when stimulated by the tension, cause a lenthening of its associated muscle:
gogli tendon organ
Which is a example of a sesmoid bone?
Which type of cell plays a role in the body's defense against bacteria?
leukocytes (WBC)
Which type of joint is most mobile?
BAll and socket
Which represents the normal amount of cervicle rotation?
0-90 degrees
Name the organelle that is responsible for cellular energy production:
Which point of muscle attachment is considered most movable?